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Crowdfunding - Funding creativity together

Startnext is the largest crowdfunding community in the German-speaking countries. Artists, creative people, inventors and founders present their ideas and fund them with the direct support of many different people.

Ideas for a better society

einhorn: A fair condom

The social startup einhorn wants to produce a fair and sustainable condom.
The vision of the founders: With einhorn sex won't be just fun, it'll be an act of goodness. Discover now!

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Voluntary commission

Startnext is the first crowdfunding platform where commission is voluntary. If your campaign is successful, you get to decide how much you’d like to contribute to Startnext.

A variety of payment methods

Support projects easily and securely with direct debit, credit card, instant wire transfer, or advance payment. If the project is not successful, the money goes back to the supporters.

Network for creative people

Companies, foundations, funding institutions, universities, and cities support and curate projects on Startnext using our crowdfunding pages and contests. Join the Startnext Community!