If it is about your reward or for example a bill, the starters can help you themselves.

  • Write a message on the pinboard of the project page: Here you can ask a public question to the starters.
  • Write a personal message in the message system: Use the button "Message to starter" for this. You can find this button in the support details in your profile or in the link in the email "Support confirmation"..
  • Write an email: On the project page you will find the imprint under the project description with the e-mail address of the starter.


Startnext Academy

Learn all about crowdfunding now for free. How to find, harness and save the power of the crowd. The Project Consulting team has designed 10 online Academy sessions. There they teach you how to successfully launch your Startnext project.

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Here you can find independent consultants from the Startnext community. They can help you plan and execute your Startnext campaign.


Do you still have a question on your heart to which you have not yet found an answer? Then use our contact form. We will answer within the time frame that is possible for us.