The idea of Startnext

In 10 years Startnext has grown into the largest crowdfunding community for ideas, projects and start-ups in the german-speaking world. 

The idea behind crowdfunding is simple: many people (crowd) work together to finance (fund) an idea, a project or a company. The starters describe their ideas in a video, with pictures and texts. They set a funding target, a duration for the funding phase and rewards for their supporters. All those who want the idea to become reality can support the project.

The idea of Startnext to go:

  • The future belongs to the daring.
  • Our world is courage.
  • Our universe is the crowd.
  • We stand for solutions. 
  • We are an idea realisation machine.
  • Our mission is to visualize, finance and found courageous ideas, projects and companies.

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