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On this page, the platform development team shares with you what's happening in the fields of technology and user experience.

Release August 10, 2022


  • The unsubscribe/subscribe button is now always displayed even for terminated projects. The "Unsubscribe messages" link in the emails will now only unsubscribe messages, users will still be fans / subscribers. Further changes for simplification and clarity will follow.

Bug Fix:

  • Emails sent to supporters due to unsuccessful projects had the name of the corresponding project duplicated in the subject of the email. The duplication has been removed.

July 2022


  • In the project widgets, the assignment to one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals is now also visible! If starters have assigned their project to one of the Sustainable Development Goals, the funding bar now ends with a visual reference (color in the corresponding SDG color) and a color-coded badge with textual explanation is displayed above the funding bar.
  • The search function with Ecosia is removed. We now offer you the possibility to search directly with us - via the search on the Startnext homepage you can directly access our project list and via a search in the marketplace Snuugl you can easily find suitable rewards.
  • Improved search functions: Partial word search introduced and alphabetical order improved case-insensitively.
  • For the e-mail to fans in case of runtime and start level changes, it is now checked in advance whether users have already supported the project. In this case, no e-mail will be sent (anymore).
  • Project Interface: In addition to individuals, incorporated societies and companies can now also be registered in the network "LinkedIn".
  • Our new Launch Day has got its own logo - of course you can see it on the Launch Day page.  
  • Projects can be assigned to the 17 sustainability goals. This is now visible to all users in the project list via the filter function. 
  • Projects choose a main sustainability goal and if applicable further goals. Provided that the starting users have given an explanation, the main sustainability goal including the explanation is now displayed on the project detail page

June 2022

New features for projects:

  • The new menu item "Live" is located prominently on our website in the header menu and brings all readers to the information about the Academy, Pitchday, the new Launch Day (1st Thursday of the month) and The Launch Day Show! Here you can find all the information in detail - for starters and supporters and everyone who just wants to be an audience.

  • From now on, you can assign your project to the Sustainable Development Goals / SDG. The 2030 Agenda with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals serves as a guide. Success depends on all of us and therefore you can now also show on Startnext how you are helping to shape a sustainable future with your project. More information is also available in the Startnext Manual.


  • If you indicate that your project contributes to one or more of the SDGs, please also provide a short explanation about how you contribute to the SDGs.
  • Simplicity: The menu item for our marketplace Snuugl is now called "Marketplace" - and hopefully appeals to you even more than before. 
  • In the project interface we have improved the output of the delivery period for starters.  
  • The boxes for rewards and free support in the checkout are re-styled to our white background. 
  • Implementation of direct visual feedback to supporters when cancelling a support. 

  • Our payment methods debit and credit card are subject to certain minimum and maximum amounts. If a payment method is therefore not selectable, it is not only grayed out, but also the text hints are clearer. 

  • Our website uses JavaScript (JS). In case visitors have disabled JS in their browser, they will receive an error message asking them to enable JS.   

  • Project categories are now cached when users make multiple queries. This improves platform performance. 

  • Project updates for changes in start level or project duration are now automatically created for starters. Broadcast and blog entry remain individually usable. 

May 2022

New features for projects:

  • Starters have the possibility to export  project data and user data. The export now also includes your data on all maintained social networks; we recently increased their possible number for you.  
  • Since March, you have been able to adjust the duration of your project yourself, and now we are making things even more smooth for you:  As starter you can change the start level and don't need our support for it anymore! If you haven't reached the start level yet and there are at least 24 hours left until the end of your project, you can change the start level. It is not allowed to be set below the already collected amount. A substantiation for the change is mandatory in the project update and an email will be sent to your supporters and fans. You can find the FAQ post about it here. 


  • Now we are using Bootstrap 4.6.1 across the board. 
  • Adapting the error messages for credit card payments specified by our payment service provider Stripe: We concretize them for you and write more precisely what does not work. What we can't change for credit card payments are the 0-EUR pre-notations.  After all, the actual amount at this time is 0 euros and some card providers can not specify the future amount. 
  • We removed the Snuggl start page; on our reward marketplace you will be led immediately to the list of bookable rewards. This reduces one click for you and code for us.  
  • Widgets for rewards and the projects are further aligned to our design. 
  • Currently, the horizontal menu bar in the user profile is often cut off on mobile. We have added an animation here to guide users

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