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The Dark side of NightGerald Hartwig

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The Dark side of Night

Chameleon: The dark side of night.
Upon the untimely death of his father a 37 year old Austrian artist recalls his coming to the United States as a young man. It is the 1990s and he has chosen Los Angeles to pursue his dreams. He wants to become successful in the film industry and stumbles into every pitfall the west coast megalopolis has to offer. Only through failure he will eventually discover his real self. THE DARK SIDE OF NIGHT starts at a pivotal point in Jerry's life. Vol 1:http://zeiche

Category Comic
City: Berlin
Tags: Graphic, Novel
Funding period: 02/27/2012, 03:46 PM to 04/27/2012, 11:59 PM    


Update from 04/20/2012

Ja, meine Lieben, die letzten 7 Tage haben begonnen, ich habe abermals, wie es dem Chamäleon eigen ist die Farbe gewechselt und sehe Euch für die letzten paar Tage in meiner menschlichen Form an (Neues Starter Foto). Ich hoffe wir schaffen die magische 100% Marke. Ich drücke uns Daumen und Zehen...

Euer Gerald Hartwig

Update from 03/19/2012

Die Leipziger Buchmesse wurde von Flyern überschwemmt und von Gesprächen bevölkert.
Update: English Captions of the Video are online now...

Keep on funding...as the word suggests..it's FUNding.

Update from 03/13/2012

Fahre mit einem Packen Flyer in der Hand zur Leipziger Buchmesse am Donnerstag. Fleissig Zeichenwerbung und Projektbespaßung betreiben.
Euer Gerald Hartwig

What is this project all about?

We only leave a trace in this world through art. The microscopic observation of a life in all its facets in this autobiographical story creates something universal that may inspire others. I chose the form of a graphic novel as a means of expression.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

It is a book, an insight for all those, who have wanted to live their dreams and encountered their life by default and detour. Since this is a graphic novel, the target audience will be very broad. Everyone past the age of 18 who has read a comic or has been interested in movies or the cruel wide world will want to have a piece of this.

Why would you support this project?

Art is the voice of our time and we have the duty to make it heard and seen. I am not talking about elitist art - the kind where you are not supposed to laugh, otherwise it's not seen as art -, but about the freeing, emotional, even pop-cultural art (without being shallow of course). So, you are supporting a tendency for profound levity. You may laugh and cry, it loosens you up and brings you closer to yourself. And you are part of something as it is being created.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

The book will become reality. Your funds will flow 100% into the production of the book. The effort for such an enterprise is tremendous, as you may imagine and I am not working at DC or Marvel, they don't know what to do with me. I am pretty cool, but I am no superhero.

Who are the people behind the project?

Gerald Hartwig. I have been around as an artist for quite some time. Here it is:


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