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To all of you who want to see changes in how women and men are being portrayed in our society! We need help from Cinderella, the children and you. Because the prince is crying, the fairy grandmother is missing, the government has cancelled the education fund and we really want to perform our Cinderella in schools and we also want to pay our artists fairly. Support our campaign to help Cinderella break out of her traditional role and become a true heroine of her story.
3,106 €
4,000 € 2nd Funding goal
Project successful


Funding period 18/09/2018 09:31 o'clock - 11/10/2018 23:59 o'clock
Realisation period October 2018
Funding goal reached 3,000 €

So that we can also perform at schools and kindergartens with less money and still can pay the artists fairly.

2nd Funding goal 4,000 €

With more money we can reach more children and perform in more schools and encourage even more girls and boys to take stake of their own roles.

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TdU Wien
Katharina Spanlang
Währingerstraße 59
1090 Wien Österreich

TdU-Wien ist ein gemeinnütziger Verein mit dem Ziel durch Kunst und theatrale Methoden Dialog, Reflexion und mehr Menschlichkeit in unser Miteinander zu bringen.
ZVR: 815882859


Gemeinsam wollen wir die Frage stellen, was ein gutes Leben ausmacht. Wir glauben, dass die Alternativen in unserer Welt schon existieren und nur geprobt werden wollen, um gelebt zu werden. Dazu wollen wir aktiv beitragen.


Transforming individuals and society.

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