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Projekte / Design
COMBINO - just build anything!
COMBINE is an innovative furniture building system. The elements are endlessly combinable within each other, you can extend them, you can recombine them as they are at all time easily releasable and that’s what makes the system extremely flexible and therefor sustainable! Actually one can build everything out of it - not just furniture!
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Funding period 05/02/2017 23:59 o'clock
Realisation period approx. 2 months
Funding goal 3,500 €
City Köln
Category Design

What is this project all about?

The project is about a furniture building system that consists of simple elements which are endlessly combinable in order to build more and less everything you can imagine.
A bed can become desk, can become a chair, a shelf and the other way round.

The fantasy is unlimited. The elements can be used far beyond the regular lifetime of a single furniture peace. The term of sustainability is not simply defined by material and energy consumption but starts at the very beginning - with sustainable design that offers various possibilities of usage.

Design, that provides different ways of use - that is the foundation for the longest possible lifetime of its parts. You can hand COMBINO even to your children one time!

It is comparable to a building - not the building with the thickest layer of insulation is the most sustainable one but the building that is mostly flexible regarding its usage.

A flat can be an office or a medical practice - if the design/ the layout allows for it.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The goal of the project is the funding and development of a prototype up to productivity maturity and the development of further building sets within the system.

The project dresses people that value a sustainable surrounding and who enjoy durable, intelligent solutions and at the same time are willing to spend a little more money on these things because they made the same experience as me - you have just more fun with these things!

COMBINO is not just sustainable regarding design but also in terms of material. It is made out of renewable resources (wood), the finish is untreated but can be painted as you wish. Best would be an eco-friendly color oil the can even be used for toys.

Why would you support this project?

First of all - you enjoy the idea as much as I and you are as curious as me to see the possibilities of that system - then you are at the right place!
COMBINE stands for creativity, flexibility and sustainability.
At the end there will hopefully be a mature product, whose possibilities are standing at the very beginning and that provides a valuable effort to sustainability.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

The money will be used for the professional, CNC-driven manufacturing of a further developed prototype as well as for the first series production of the rewards.
Additionally money is needed for registration of patent, design and brand.

Who are the people behind the project?

I am an architect and proud father of two suns.
Our two suns - Eric and Ernesto - lived in a single room. Therefor we needed a two storey bed in order to safe space. So with the two storey bed it all began.

But I was searching for a system that could not just be a bed but also could be transformed into other things.

This way - step by step - the idea of using beams with holes that are simply connected by pins arised and the offers endlessly possibilities of combination.

I am also a carpenter and therefor I love wood and I am dealing since years with modular wood building systems and the subject of sustainable building.

The idea started about 4 years ago. The COMBINO two storey bed was completely developed in 3D in ketchup and manufactured in handcraft in my garage.

The first test of the system was the work bench I installed in my garage, a building set that is now available as a reward.

On exactly this work bench all parts of the COMBINO two storey bed have been manufactured and handcrafted and after about one year building time, two week of invested vacation, many weekends and uncounted evenings all parts had been ready to assemble.

The painter desk was the next building set and for the set I already used the parts of the bed in order to build this desk and to paint the parts.

Legal notice
Christian Engel
50739 Köln Deutschland

IDNr. 81 476 192 506

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