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COMBINO - unique, flexible & sustainable

COMBINO - unique, flexible & sustainable

COMBINO is an innovative furniture building system that basically consists of beams containing holes that are simply connected by pins, without any glew or screws. The elemen...

Köln Design
Dipl. Ing. Christian Engel
Dipl. Ing. Christian Engel
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Funding period 01.11.2016 23:59 Uhr
Realisation period approx. 2 mounths
Funding goal 6,500 €
City Köln
Category Design
COMBINO is an innovative furniture building system that basically consists of beams containing holes that are simply connected by pins, without any glew or screws. The elements are infinitely combinable, extendable and at all time easily to disassemble and that is what makes that system extremly flexible! Actually it is possible to build anything out of that system - not just a bed!

What is this project all about?

COMBINO is a furniture building system that consists of simple elements that are infinitely combinable to build more and less anything out of it you can imagine.

A bed is a shelf, is a desk, is a painting desk, ia a tractor ( if you buy some additional parts ;-)

There is no limit except your own fantasie! The single parts can be used beyond the life time of the bed itself. The concept of sustainability is not limited to the use of sustainable materials and the reduction of energy consumption but start right at the beginning - with sustainable design!

Design that allows for multiple uses that is the foundation of the most longterm usage of its single components.

You can hand down COMBINO parts even to your children or grandchildren!

It is comparable to a building - it is not the building with the thickest insulation layer that is the most sustainable one and the one that is saving most natural ressources but the building that is the most flexible one course that one will be the one that has the longest life time.

An appartment, is an office, is a medical practice if the floorplan layout allows for it.

Design is Architecture and Architecture is Design.

The bed shall only be the beginning. The aim is the development of additional building sets that will be combinable within each others.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The aim is the further development of the prototype up to mature production and the development of further possible building sets within the system.

The target group are people that appreciate en environment that is defined by education, creativity and sustainabilty.

COMBINO illustrates and lives all of these values! It is infinitely conversable and extendable. It shows constructional principles that children can experience this way very close.
It is made of sustainable and renewable ressources (100% wood from sustainable forestry, not even piece of metal except 4! screws). It is treated with ecologically friendly colour oil from PNZ and it promises a long endurance course of its flexible design and usage - and - above all - it's fun!

Why would you support this project?

First of all - the best reason why to support this project - you think it is a cool and interesting idea and maybe you are as fascinated by the possibilities of the system as me - then you are exactly where you are supposed to be!

COMBINO stands for creativity, flexibility and sustainability - values that should be elementary parts of our modern society - and converts them into reality.

At the end of the project hopefully rises a mature product with possibilities that are still at the beginning and with product that contributes its part to sustainabilty.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

The money will be used for the professional and mechanical production of a further developed prototype and for the first series production including rewards. Aditionally I intend to set a website for commercialization of the COMBINO-System.

There is also the need for some money for patent, brand name design protection.

Legal notice
Christian Engel
50739 Köln Deutschland

IDNr. 81 476 192 506

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