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Projekte / Environment
Berufliche Zukunft und Umweltschutz im Niger Delta
Future Career and environmental protection in the Niger Delta (Nigeria) For several years we have been working there, now we need help
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Funding period 31/12/2016 23:59 o'clock
Realisation period 1 Jahr
Funding goal 95,000 €
City Hattingen
Category Environment

What is this project all about?

Future Career and environmental protection in the Niger Delta (Nigeria)
My name is Thorsten Keil, owner of the company Copterworld. For four years I have been supporting a number of young and enthusiastic Nigerians to better their living conditions for themselves and their families. Rather then sending them money I chose to train them to set up their own business.

A friend of mine -who worked and lived in Nigeria for 27 years- joined me as sponsor to realize my ambition. We both flew to Nigeria to meet with the candidates for this empowerment scheme. Subsequently we had a group of four who were keen to be part of our sponsored training program.

We set them up to start a new business as UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) Operators, the first and only business in Nigeria to offer aerial video/photography on a professional level using high end equipment.

Two of them were invited to Germany for UAS/Drone Flying Training. Both completed the course satisfactory and returned home with their "Pilot Certificate". For additionional training on site, I flew to Nigeria to finalize the program and helped them setting up their base.

In a very short time the guys were doing good business, especially when they negotiated a well paid 4 year contract with the country's leading construction company.

Unfortunately Nigeria went into a recession, which also effected the construction sector. As a result the customer unexpectedly terminated the UAS Photo-Video contract in September 2015 after only one year.

Due to the prevailing conditions within Nigeria the business went down and left four hardworking young men and their families without income. After struggling for one full year trying to make ends meet they find it very difficult to maintain a decent lifestyle, in a country without any kind of social welfare or health care system. At the same time cost of living is going up, with increasing school fees and skyrocketing prices of essential commodities.

The ones who will suffer most are the children. They already have been re-shuffled to cheaper schools in town, but it is only a question of time that they will have to stop schooling altogether due to lack of funds.

We want to help those families to have enough food for their children and be able to let them attend school. That should be the minimum basic rights for children all around the world.

There is a new chance to pick up the original idea of drone deployment in the Niger Delta where our people are based.
Environmental Monitoring Agencies have indicated the need for documenting environmental damage caused by oil exploration in that area. Short of involving man carrying helicopters at enormous hourly rates, the use of drones could achieve the same results at a fraction of those costs.

Our plan is to equip the team with suitable new UAS: Small and compact enough to fit into a backpack, technically advanced to autonomously scan large areas of land in a short time while producing high quality optical images. Advanced training would be provided on site in Nigeria, including post flight processing of accumulated data.

We need 95k Euro to provide our team in Nigeria with the necessary equipment. Every Cent goes into the project.
I will closely follow procedings on ground and keep everything published on my website for all of you to monitor the success of our combined efforts.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

All people around the world. Here your oil is obtained.

Why would you support this project?

Please support this project by making a donation. You are helping Families in the Niger Delta to help themselves to save their future, especially that of their children.
At the same time you are helping the environmentalists to keep an watchful eye on oil spillage and thereby reducing it.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

Of this money, nothing is paid back to the sponsor. Everything is used in the development of the project in Nigeria. Payments for livelihood are only paid to the pilots based in Nigeria. All work conducted by me and my company Copterworld and the sponsors remain free.

Who are the people behind the project?

Thorsten Keil has worked with his company Copterworld and a sponsor of several years in Nigeria, the customs and traditions knows very well. Here no money is wasted, but everything comes up where it is needed

Legal notice
Copterworld / Nigeriahilfe
Thorsten Keil
Kohlenstraße 183
45529 Hattingen Deutschland

Thorsten Keil ist Einzelunternehmer
Umsatzsteuer ID : DE262499289
EORI - ID: DE2441888
Es besteht eine Ausfuhrgenehmigung des Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle (BAFA) für ein UAV/ Drohne zur Fertigung von Foto- und Videomaterial.

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