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POLLYTIKK Studio-Album 'Digital Slave'
Pollytikk macht bereits ihr ganzes Leben lang Musik. Nun steht sie kurz davor, ihr eigenes erstes Studio-Album aufzunehmen. Ihre neuen Lieder und Kompositionen verlangen allerdings eine musikalisch komplexere Arrangierung: E-Bass und Schlagzeug machen die Solo-Künstlerin zu einer richtigen Band! Mit der Finanzierung werden die Aufnahme, Mixing, Mastering, Musikergage und CD-Pressung ermöglicht. Bei einer Überfinanzierung wird der Rest des Geldes in Promotion investiert.
6.615 €
6.500 € 2. Fundingziel
Projekt erfolgreich
05.05.17, 20:42 Polina Tikk-Grunert
My dear music supporters, we got some news! The recording preparation took time: working on arrangements, sounds, rehearsing and finding the right studio and recording team. This week we did it! We went to the studio and recorded the core of all tracks. It all worked out really well! Big thanks go to Hauptstudio in Schöneberg and our recording gurus Leo Auri and Jonathan Reiter for being so motivating and patient.. I am the luckiest person to work with such authentic musicians and great people like Nicolas Pannetier (bass) and Yoann Pisterman (drums)! Now we move to the next steps - mixing, mastering, working on the artwork. Stay tuned! Yours, POLLY TIKK
06.11.16, 23:07 Polina Tikk-Grunert
My dear music supporters, While getting ready for the recording (scheduled for December and February), we are very exited to present our progress live. I will play for the first time with my band next Sunday, 13th of November. In a Theater! Our permanent and incredibly dedicated line-up: Polina Tikk, Nicolas Pannetier and Yoann Pisterman. Hopefully we'll see you there! This will be a special evening! Yours, Pollytikk... and the Band! 13th of November, 2016. Sunday. 20:00 Theater unterm Dach Danziger Straße 101, 10405 Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin Entrance: 8 euro / 5 euro (reduced) Check out our new LIVE VIDEO: https://youtu.be/HA5bWuIy8Cg Follow Pollytikk on Facebook or Instagram for more frequent updates. www.facebook.com/Pollytikk www.instagram.com/pollytikk
15.08.16, 18:14 Polina Tikk-Grunert
WE MADE IT!!! It was quite scary in the beginning. And so overwhelming, exiting and rewarding closer to the end! So many people took part!!!! I THANK each and everyone of you! You can not imagine how many times I was 'jumping on my head' from happiness during this campaign. We are going to make a great album! Thanks for trusting in me and my music! Спасибо! Danke!! Huge Hugs!!!!! Yours, Pollytikk PS: to all the supporters, in about two weeks I will get access to the emails of people who took part (this is a technical procedure of the crowdfuning website). And then I will be able to share details, timing and keep you updated about the project! We stay in touch!!!
04.08.16, 20:06 Polina Tikk-Grunert
Hello everyone, In 3 days my album campain will end. Just to spice it up and to help us to get closer to the final goal we have come up with two more special rewards: - a beautiful Handcrafted Light Object built by Adrian (our homegrown manager!) - Pollytikk's first Electric Guitar (Jackson) that she was playing in her 2013 recording of 'Hold Me Tight'. So have a look at those. And take your last chance to pre-order a CD! Your completely and utterly exited Pollytikk
31.07.16, 15:26 Polina Tikk-Grunert
Dear all, I am overwhelmed! We made it to the 4500! Thank you everybody for bringing my dream on its way. Thank you! Danke! Спасибо! With this money it will be possible to produce and record the album. But don''t forget that this is the minimum amount that is required. Every euro on top will make it easier, less stressful and potentially more successful. There is one more week to go and I hope that we can even reach our goal of 6500 euro, a sum that guarantees to pay musicians for more time in the studio! So, if you still want to pre-order a cd, do it now! In anyway, I am so happy!!! Thanks to everyone! Polina (Pollytikk)
28.07.16, 10:59 Polina Tikk-Grunert
My dear supporters, because of each and every one of YOU we have by today already gathered 4030 Euro for the album! Thank you! We have another 10 days to go. Until we reach the final goal, I would like to share this video from our last concert with you. It was recorded during the festival 'Stadt für eine Nacht' in Potsdam last week. This was our first live show with drums! Some songs got really rocky, like this one 'Everybody's boy'! The music for the album, of course, will be more refined. But for now, it was a great experience to actually play as a band and get a feeling for the bigger arrangement. But first, we still need to reach the 4500 Euro threshold. If we don't, the campaign won't work and the album won't be produced. Therefore, I ask you again to invite your friends to pre-order a CD or digital download. This is the best way to support my music! Thank you! I am very exited about how far we got all together! Stay in touch! Yours, Polina ( Pollytikk )
21.07.16, 19:38 Polina Tikk-Grunert
Hello everyone, We've got some great news! Now we are in the very middle of our crowdfunding campaign. THANKS to all you great Friends, Fans and Family we already have 3485 Euro in the pot!!! In the last two weeks, we've been busy playing our music live and promoting our album campaign in Riga, Potsdam and of course our home-base Berlin. Playing on stages, on the streets, on the train … night and day! We still have two more weeks to go and we will need further support to get to our funding threshold (and maybe beyond). So please continue sharing the campaign with your friends! I send out my huge hugs and gratitude for your support! Thank you! Yours, Polina (Pollytikk)