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Debut album of DAS NEUE HAUS
Welcome everyone! We are the electrOriental music band DAS NEUE HAUS from Germany. With your support we would like to realize our long desired debut album! Our sound combines Drum&Bass and Dubstep-Beats with oriental instruments while violins meet guitar riffs and nasty basslines tear down roofs. After having played many concerts in Germany as well as world music festivals abroad, we are yearning to take the next step with our very first studio album. Support us to make it happening! Much love!
3.079 €
3.000 € Fundingziel
Projekt erfolgreich
22.08.15, 15:18 Sirwan Ali
Many thanks and a 1000 kisses to everyone who is supporting our recording! The crowdfunding is still running for a couple of hours but we have already made it! We are VERY happy and equally touched by all the loving support we received!!! Thank you so much! Many greetings and a beautiful weekend to you all. DAS NEUE HAUS
15.08.15, 17:16 Sirwan Ali
Danke für Eure super Unterstützung! Wir machen weiter heftig Werbung und gehen in die letzte heiße Phase der Finanzierung. Damit Ihr nicht überhitzt, könnt Ihr Euch bei unserem Making-Of-Video etwas abkühlen: https://youtu.be/zFND97f0sbM Ihr könnt uns weiter supporten, wenn Ihr das Video verbreitet. Tausend Dank und bis bald Euer HAUS
27.06.15, 08:48 Sirwan Ali
Vielen Dank für Eure Unterstützung! Es läuft gut bisher: gute 20% haben wir schon....wir sind gespannt, was in den nächsten Wochen noch geht...!   Weiterzählen, dass wir crowdfunden! Thank you! Itz goin well so far, we ve already made it up to a 20% of the desired sum to create the album. Thank you! We r xcited and lookin forward to see what is happening during the next weeks. Keep sharing and posting our crowdfunding!