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Möchtest Du wissen, ob ein bestimmter Sneaker mehr Emissionen verursacht als ein anderer? Welcher Supermarkt hat die glücklichsten Mitarbeiter? Welches Restaurant bezieht nur erneuerbare Energien? Wir machen es Dir schnell und einfach, jeden Tag nachhaltige Kaufentscheidungen zu treffen! Mit Earth Ratings kannst Du jedes Verbraucherprodukt einfach und schnell anhand von vier Kategorien vergleichen: Umweltverträglichkeit, Social Impact, Produktqualität und Produktinnovation.
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17.06.19, 08:53 Carsten Roland
A quick thank you video from the Okavango River in the north of Namibia. Can you spot the Hippos and popa falls in the background. My mother invited me for her 60th birthday to spend some time with my family. Stay tuned for more updates!
15.06.19, 09:40 Carsten Roland
Dear Earthlings & Supporters! You are our heroes! We could not have done this without you and we are extremely grateful and thankful to all of you for supporting us. You are our core group of supporters: you are our community and we value your trust and willingness to join us on this journey. There will be more: we would love for you to be the first ones to use our new platform and to hep us improve it with your feedback. And there will be much more, we are working on a few big new announcements that will be exclusively for you. We will start working on the rewards and the tech now and will stay in touch! Liebe Earthlings & Unterstützer! Ihr seid unsere Helden! Ohne Euch hätten wir es nicht schaffen können und wir sind Euch allen sehr dankbar! Ihr seid unsere Community: die Pioniere, die uns vertrauen und die den ersten Schritt mit uns gewagt haben. Es kommen noch viele tolle Sachen und wir wollen, dass Ihr die ersten seid, die die neue Plattform sehen und testen sollt. Wir arbeiten auch an ein paar exklusiven Vorteilen für Euch :) Jetzt machen wir uns an die Arbeit: Dankeschöns und die Entwicklungsarbeit beginnen und wir freuen uns darauf! Thank you, danke, gracias, grazie und dankie :) Adria & Carsten
10.06.19, 16:49 Carsten Roland
We've made it to € 8.200 and are pushing hard towards our goal! To spice up your Monday, we've got something for your: two new, painstakingly curated rewards: Fun Sophisticated Be aware, humour ahead!
31.05.19, 18:27 Carsten Roland
To all of you lovely supporters! Check out the short Video on how our current browser plugin works! We are constantly updating, but your support will help us fund the next iteration that will offer much more functionality! Thank you so much for your support so far!! Keep on going! Danke danke danke!!
31.05.19, 14:21 Carsten Roland
Why do we ignore the impacts our consumption has? Do we not care? Do we not see? We believe that consumers are intentionally kept in the dark, but we are changing that!! Check out these motivational videos by the wonderful Jane Goodall and inspirational Jay Shetty
28.05.19, 11:14 Carsten Roland
The talented Katia Mullova from the blog reset.org wrote a great piece on Earth Ratings, explaining how our plugin works and why we started this crazy journey! Check it out here: RESET.org “The idea is to reinvest all the profits into what I call the ‘ecosystem,’ so we’re creating an exchange between sustainable producers and sustainable consumers.” - quote by me!! We are super grateful when people take the time to understand what we are doing and then help us communicate the message! If you like what you see, please share!!
23.05.19, 08:21 Carsten Roland
What does the future hold? Where is business going and how can Entrepreneurs help to shape the future? And some advice from me in case you've got climate change anxiety!! A quick read and some (hopefully) entertaining content!! Don't forget the Sustainability Confessions tonight if you're in Berlin!! Hope to see you there, we have a surprise waiting for you!!
20.05.19, 16:20 Carsten Roland
Liebe Supporter, Dear Supporters! Carsten is participating in the Sustainability Confessions, hosted by the Berlin Innovation Agency . Adria will also be there, so let's talk!! Carsten wir bei einem Event der Berlin Innovation Agency teilnehmen: die Sustainability Confessions. Schaut vorbei und lernt uns kennen und findet heraus, was uns bewegt! When: Thursday 23 May 2019 at 18.30 Where: Factory Berlin Mitte, Rheinsberger Str 76/77, 10115 Berlin Why: See what we're all about! See you there!
14.05.19, 16:29 Carsten Roland
What is behind Earth Ratings? How did the idea come about? How can your Mom understand what we do? Where is Namibia anyway? An introduction with our Founder and the motivation behind Earth Ratings. Music by the talented Gregor Graciano