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What happens to you when for one year, you no longer follow the rhythm of alarm clocks, traffic light circuits and opening times of shops & restaurants? When instead of asphalt and concrete it is mainly wilderness that surrounds you? What can you learn from nature when you get fully involved with it, take a close look, a close listen? I want to find out. Over a period of eight seasons (according to the Sami calendar). And share my experiences with you in the form of a book (and photos/videos).
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 Eight seasons - 12 months in Swedish Lapland
 Eight seasons - 12 months in Swedish Lapland

About this project

Funding period 11/16/21 2:33 PM - 12/24/21 11:59 PM
Realisation 2.1.2022 - 4.1.2023
Minimum amount (Start level) 500 €

I will use the money to finance the beginning - buy a video recorder & drone to let you be a part of my journey and to pay the security deposit on the house.

Category Literature
City Kalix

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What is this project all about?

My book project "Eight seasons – In the rhythm of nature" will take me for one year to a place of longing for many - Swedish Lapland. Where, according to the Sami calendar, people have not four, but eight seasons.
Up there I want to follow the question of how the locals live with the extremes in nature. How it is to fully become a part of that nature. And I want to find out what such an experience can teach a (German) city person - who is mainly used to „nature to go“ or brief immersions during travels - for everyday life back home.
The many stories and adventures will eventually make up a book, which will hopefully even broaden your horizon regarding nature or open new perspectives.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

This project’s goal is to exchange city life for wilderness life for a whole year, including all its facets. To authentically depict all that comes along. Which might be rough sometimes, then hopefully again picture book pretty. I want to absorb all the lessons of this experience and process them in words.
The target group is:
- fans of Sweden and Scandinavia in general
- nature lovers
- people hungry for travel and adventure
- everybody who thinks it is great when a travel writer firmly believes in her project and its realization even though she has not even signed a publishing contract for it yet and bears all the possible risks and financial burdens herself
- everybody who likes the idea of taking a regular trip into the wild from the comfort of their own sofa – because I will let you join me through regular videos while you still have to wait for the book

Why would you support this project?

In return for your support I would like to offer you, among other things:
1) "Getting away from your daily rut" in the form of little stories and videos from the North which might sometimes make you laugh, then again get your thoughts going or quite simply allow you to dream
2) If you wish, I will mention your name on the "Thank you“ page of my book when it eventually gets published and you will definitely receive a signed copy once it is published
3) All the personal travel advice you need if you get in the mood to visit Swedish Lapland yourself

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

Even though a big German publisher is greatly interested in my book project, I first have to finance the realization completely out of my own pocket. My idea, my decision and my job to make it happen - logical :)
Your support will help with the following, among many other things:
- technical equipment like video recorder and drone so that "I can take you with me to the North"
- security deposit on the red house I am going to rent in the village of Båtskärsnäs near Kalix (the total amount will be about 2500€ in January) – by the way, if you fall in love with that house due to my photos and videos, you would be able to rent it yourself for your holiday from 2023 on ;)

Who are the people behind the project?

Me, Bernadette Olderdissen, since 2016 a citizen of Hamburg, have fought long and hard to not only travel and write as a hobby – my two greatest passions. In 2017, it finally happened: I could kind of making a living by writing and travelling. Ever since then I have shared my experiences with people, cultures and nature by writing reports and books about them and every reader who feels somehow inspired or touched by my stories is the greatest gift to me.

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Eight seasons - 12 months in Swedish Lapland

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