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The ancient crop hemp should be back on our plates. We want the hempnuts, cultivated in the region and harvested in fall 2017, to be processed in our region, the Swiss Alps. We need your support. The goal is to produce a high quality and natural protein powder, the "AlpenProtein", 100% made in Switzerland. This combines the best of "regionality", "naturalness" and "health". The ideal alternative to soya.
82,041 €
120,000 € 2nd Funding goal
Project successful
 Hemp protein from AlpenPionier


Funding period 01/08/2017 15:05 o'clock - 14/09/2017 23:59 o'clock
Realisation period Fall 2017
Funding goal reached 75,000 €
2nd Funding goal 120,000 €
City Tschiertschen
Category Food

What is this project all about?

We bring hemp as food back to our plates!
In Graubünden the hemp cultivation has a long tradition and was widespread until the 1930s. Hemp - as an ancient cultivated plant in Europe - does not live up to it’s fullest potential in our region. After all, hemp is one of the most important nutrient suppliers nature has to offer. We the Alpen Pioniere want to exploit the entire potential of the plant - in agriculture, for added value in the region and for our health.

We work in the Alps, our region.
One thing is clear to us at AlpenPionier: we work in harmony with nature. For this reason, we focus on regional production, local cultivation and local processing as well as sales with short transport routes. Hemp is appreciated in agriculture as an ideal preculture for cereals and as a welcome alternative in crop rotation. That's exactly why we are working with farmers in the mountain area.

We go new ways of processing. No mountain is too high.
As an innovative group consisting of gardeners, food technicians, cooks, athletes and communication experts, we want to make hemp available in even more versatile forms for people and to work on new methods of processing.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Hemp needs to come back to the Alps, back on to our plates and this ancient European crop needs to be part of our daily diet again.

Hemp is the perfect herbal native alternative! Fats and proteins are present in conditions that our body requires and can absorb almost completely. This makes our AlpenProtein "100% Hemp, 100% Made in Switzerland" the perfect alternative .... No matter if you are an ATHLETE, VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, GRANDMA, GRANDPA, HIPPSTER, ROCKER or FOLKSINGER - Hemp is good for your body and for the nature!

Why would you support this project?

If you also want to support a young group of highly motivated lateral thinkers with recultivating hemp in Switzerland, we are very much looking forward to your support.

With your support, we can put together a processing line in Switzerland and thus offer the first high-percent hemp protein "100% Made in Switzerland". You are helping to build up a food production in Switzerland and in the long term enable us to create new jobs in our region.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

In order to finally realize the hemp processing with the necessary equipment and bring it to the market, we have to create infrastructures for which we still need financial resources. With the help of financing we will buy machines for the production of the protein powder in order to realize the production of the AlpenProtein in a grand style.

The manufacturing process is solid. Strong partners and universities in Zurich (ZHAW) and Chur (HTW) support us in research and development as well as market launch. After we have already invested a lot of resources in the organic cultivation of hemp and the development of new processing methods, we still need your help.

Thank you!
Support us with the purchase of one of our great thank yous and you will be one of the first to get the AlpenProtein exclusively. In addition, we have considered exciting assessments to show our gratitude.

Who are the people behind the project?

We at AlpenPionier are convinced: Everyone should do what they do best and therefore we share the work the way everyone likes it best. For a better feeling for the visionaries behind AlpenPionier, we here have summarized a short description of us six.

Adrian Hirt grew up in the Bündnerbergdorf Tschiertschen. As a trained chemical engineer and food engineer, he returned to his roots after his apprenticeship in Canada and Jamaica in 2014. Old recipes and the relation to the origin are lost more and more, therefore he has focused more on the origin. With AlpenPionier, the driving AlpenHirt is responsible for the fact that even more people know the great hemp products and learn to love it. He is the one who keeps everyone together and always has a smile on his face - in short, he is responsible for communication and marketing.

Emanuel grew up in Maienfeld in the Bündner Herrschaft and is deeply rooted. As a gardener's son, he was born with a green thumb, and the garden and nature were already a point of food as a child. In 2014 he sparked his enthusiasm for hemp and cultivated the first fields of hemp. At AlpenPionier, Emanuel is responsible for the heart of our daily activities - hemp plants. With absolute devotion and passion, he cherishes and cares for our proteges and accompanies them from sowing to regular care until harvest, and sometimes also whispers to them to make them even better. Emanuel is our man for cultivation!

Carlo is a man of pleasure. From the shared passion for cultivation, cooking and preparing his own specialties with his parents through the education as a cook and the deepening of technology in the studies of the food engineering and further experiences in process and product development at the university and at companies. At AlpenPionier Carlo combines his enthusiasm for food with his valuable knowledge about food technology and is the tinkerer in the round. In the hours and minutes of figuring out processes and with the absolute devotion, Carlo deals with all the miracles around the hemp plant and what’s possible and therefor is our man for development.

Rebecca Clopath
Growing up on an organic farm in the Bündner town of Lohn, the Alpen cook Rebecca serves local, biological and fair products with culinary creations. Her cooking philosophy begins not only in the kitchen, but also during cultivation. It is important to the landscape, to the origin, to the producers and farmers, to bring a closed cycle to the plate. Rebecca Clopath, after her apprenticeship as a cook at Oskar Marti, has collected some years of experience in the Casino and Kursaal in Bern in the infamous Moospinte. In 2010, Rebecca won a title at the junior world championships with the Swiss cooking team. Her next stop was her executive chef for seven years in Stefan Wiesner's award-winning Rössli in Entlebuch. At AlpenPionier, Rebecca is the champion of alternative cultivation methods, the guardian of taste and the protector of rarities and old varieties. It conjures up everything that the hemp nut provides; culinary highlights with a big a smile. Rebecca is our culinary expert and producer of the hemp cookbook.

Nicolas Müller
He started his first steps towards professional snowboarding early while at the Gymnasium. After a successful take-up into the professional team of the company Burton he pursued his goal into the top ranks of the world's best riders, consistently. Since 2015 he is under contract with Mervin mfg and has his own board line with Gnu Snowboards. At Oakley and Nixon he is also in the Globalteam and his skateboards are from Doodah shop in Zürich.
His biggest successes include numerous victories at events all over the world, covers of almost 100 magazines, as well as awards for national and international magazines. Hemp protein has been at the top of his diet for years and has been an indispensable part since. At Alpenpionier he is our ambassador for sports and lifestyle and is involved in product development, sales, and social media to help restore this precious crop.

Jennifer Rosenberg
The Austrian native grew up in an Austrian artist collective. In her time as a company and communications consultant for major corporations in the food retail trade, her passion for good food was above all a passion: the accompaniment of great visions and concerns. At AlpenPionier Jennifer questions the unpleasant questions, thinks more intensively about 2025 than the day after tomorrow and, with her keen sense of communication and strategy, ensures the right tone in the AlpenPioniers orchestra. Jennifer is our communications professional and sparring partner for all strategic focus.

Legal notice
AlpenVision AG
Carlo Weber, Adrian Hirt und Emanuel Schütt

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