What would you say IF we tell you that ALL roads lead to the Community of Poşaga? Or IF we state that one person, in search of their inner self, can find some vital Life-answers after a brief stay in our Community? As strange as it might sound, Poşaga delivers an element that started to disappear from the day to day modern Life: Pure Nature. In this pristine environment, we will - with your help - build an Eco-friendly, agro-touristic guesthouse, so that we can share this experience with others!
4,630 €
Marie Seiler
Marie Seiler / Projektberater
Yeah, you made it. The project is successful. I'm glad that the project can be realized now. Well done ;)

Interview beim Travelblog Whale of a Time

Andreas Pohl
Andreas Pohl1 min Lesezeit

Heute war ich bei dem Travelblog "Whale of a Time" eingeladen, um einige Fragen zu unserem Projekt in Siebenbürgen und zur Kampagne hier auf Startnext zu beantworten.

Außerdem hat mir Werner dabei auch ein paar persönliche Infos entlockt - aber lest den Artikel "Eine neue Heimat in Siebenbürgen" am besten selbst: www.whale-of-a-time.de/andreas-pohl-siebenbuergen-transsilvanien