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My next CD production is the dream of a journey through Berlin's palaces and concert halls during the 18th century. The Sensitive Style and the ideas of the Age of Enlightenment inspired all the Prussian composers, and the fashionable dark colour of the viola had a prominent role in chamber music. A great number of these musical treasures haven't been played for three centuries and are just waiting for their come-back!
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Martina Heidenfelder
Martina Heidenfelder 5 days ago
Anna Kaiser
Anna Kaiser 15 days ago
Marija Milosavljevic
Marija Milosavljevic 17 days ago
Karl Kaiser
Karl Kaiser 20 days ago
Bunmi Banjo co Fonfé
Bunmi Banjo co Fonfé 21 days ago
Maria Alessandra Cossu
Maria Alessandra Cossu 23 days ago
Wolfgang Eggert
Wolfgang Eggert 29 days ago
Heiko Boll
Heiko Boll 35 days ago
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 CD- baroque viola sonatas
 CD- baroque viola sonatas
 CD- baroque viola sonatas

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Funding period 12/2/21 12:15 PM - 2/14/22 11:59 PM
Realisation in one Year
Startlevel 5,200 €

Sound engineer ( editing and mastering), renting a recording location, travel expenses for the musicians, a booklet and the following press work.

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