Our coalition, and citizens all over Europe, have multiplied petitions, open letters and calls to action through this time of social, economic and health crises: now we must come together in an unprecedented way and put citizens at the heart of Future of Europe, amplifying often unheard or marginalised voices. We need a European Citizens Assembly: an assembly with an ambition towards a democratic and just society. Now it is time to care, time to organise and time to act. If not us, then who?
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The online festival for a Citizens Conference for the Future of Europe

Martin Pairet
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Dear citizens and residents of Europe,

Tomorrow, on the 9th of May we launch “Citizens Take Over Europe” presenting a jointly curated ‘online transnational festival’ where different organisations and artistic institutions have organised events open to your’ active participation! With “Citizens Take Over Europe” we are calling to join forces with citizens and civil society organisations from across Europe to have convesations about the future!


Some of the confirmed speakers for the day are Adam Tooze (historian), Sasha Waltz (choreographer and dancer), Ulrike Guérot and Kalypso Nicolaidis (political thinkers), Timothy Garton Ash (historian), Lorenzo Marsili (author), Milo Rau (theater director), Zoe Williams (The Guardian), A.C. Grayling (philosopher), Agnieszka Holland (filmmaker) Paul Dujardin (general director of Palais des Beaux Arts), Cynthia Fleury and Markus Gabriel (philosophers), Tilo Jung (journalist), Bill Emmott (writer), Bernadette La Hengst, Yasmine Ouirhrane & more

The 9th of May, Europe Day, will be the beginning of a long-term process. It is a call to join us in developing leadership from the bottom up, and to organise ourselves - citizens and civil society organisations - by means of our very own Citizens’ Conference in order to shape the Europe we want.

We are launching a coalition of European civil society organisations from across the continent that puts citizens at the center of the debate on our future. Together we want set out how we can recover from this health, social, economic and political crisis through solidarity and cooperation. We believe the millions of European citizens and residents that are currently directly affected by the Covid-19 pandemia see the direct impact of the lack of solidarity between European Member-states. We are convinced that Europe can change and become more democratic, free and equal, also through the bottom-up process we are inviting everyone to join on the 9th of May.


Join us!

The Citizens Take Over Europe coalition

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