We are a team of female professional artists all based in Germany creating together a stage performance. We are all very different. We look different, we speak different languages, use different artistic forms to express our ideas, we think differently. But we have a common wish : being free in our body and mind. Not being ashamed to be sexual because we are women. Therefore, we will work on a performance combining Dance, Video, Design and Music around the topic of Female Sexual Fantasies.
3,490 €
4,500 € 2nd funding goal

About this project

Funding period 7/2/19 12:10 PM - 8/15/19 11:59 PM
Realisation September to December 2019
Funding goal 3,300 €

This crowd funding money is only a part of the overall budget of this project. 3.300 Euro is the money we miss to be able to pay all the artist and the costs.

2nd funding goal 4,500 €

With 4.500 Euro, I will be able to pay a stage designer and a film maker for the Premiere documentation.

Category Art
City Köln
Website & Social Media
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celine bellut
keupstr 44
51063 Köln Deutschland

Frei Choreographer

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