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Between day and night. Between dream and reality. Between you and me. What is this ‘in-between’? Space? Time? Possibility? What lies outside the in-between seems confined, within this dimension, though, resides freedom, dissolution of limits, and a spirit of departure.
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Startlevel 5,500 €
Kerstin Bauer
Kerstin Bauer 12 hours ago
Johannes Maul
Johannes Maul 9 days ago
Axel Kaiser
Axel Kaiser 9 days ago
Miroslav Stricevic
Miroslav Stricevic 12 days ago
Mathias Hermann
Mathias Hermann 12 days ago
Jana Baumeister
Jana Baumeister 22 days ago
Stine Fischer
Stine Fischer 23 days ago
Christina Merkel-Pavone
Christina Merkel-Pavone 27 days ago
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 da.zwischen - in between
 da.zwischen - in between
 da.zwischen - in between
 da.zwischen - in between
 da.zwischen - in between

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Funding period 12/6/21 6:21 PM - 3/3/22 11:59 PM
Realisation 2022
Startlevel 5,500 €

This funding will enable us to realise the recording and publication of our programme as a CD and on streaming service

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City Frankfurt am Main
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Sofia Pavone
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