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The City of Nevi, 2052. After black market chemist Chris Mandyl’s best friend is killed during a brutal police raid, Chris is captured by the rebel group AtCel. AtCel wants to use Chris’ experience with the drug DREAMER to start a revolution against the totalitarian government. Chris, however, is unsure whether the radical rebels really are better than the oppressive government. Now the future of the entire city rests on his decision...
6,178 €
18,000 € 2nd Funding goal
Project successful
 DREAMER - Kinofilm Cyberpunk/Sci-Fi
 DREAMER - Kinofilm Cyberpunk/Sci-Fi
 DREAMER - Kinofilm Cyberpunk/Sci-Fi
 DREAMER - Kinofilm Cyberpunk/Sci-Fi


Funding period 10/19/18 7:59 PM o'clock - 12/3/18 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period Summer/Fall 2019
Funding goal 5,000 €

With 5000€ we can finance catering and locations. We’ll have to use our own equipment to shoot the movie.

2nd Funding goal 18,000 €

With 18.000€ we’ll be able to get better locations, nicer costumes and shoot the film in a much higher overall quality.

Category Movie / Video
City Wien
What is this project all about?

Science-Fiction. Cyberpunk. Dreamer. With DREAMER, we want to create something bigger than just a sci-fi film. Both a compelling story and a stunning atmosphere will turn DREAMER into sci-fi extraordinaire. Playing off of current topics such as genetic manipulation and dropping them into a bleak future will make DREAMER an unforgettable viewing experience.

Complete Trailer
Here you can watch the entire trailer.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

With DREAMER, we want to place the exciting topic of genetic manipulation into a thrilling futuristic movie. We want to make a movie that can be successful both inside Austria and internationally. We don’t, however, just want to make any sci-fi film, but rather something different, something never seen before.

DREAMER is for everyone who loves sci-fi. For everyone who loves action. For everyone who loves good stories. And especially fans of movies like Blade Runner or Total Recall will absolutely adore DREAMER.

Why would you support this project?

We, the team behind DREAMER, are convinced that we can fulfill all our promises with this film. We have spent countless hours working on DREAMER, and poured a good amount of our own money into the project, but that still doesn’t cut it. We want you to believe in this movie as much as we do. That’s also why we shot our trailer, to show you what we want to achieve. We need you to help us take on this massive project, to make this vision a reality. With your support, we can make the movie you deserve.

Creating something special
Since the dawn of time, we humans have loved stories. We love hearing stories and we love telling stories. With DREAMER, we have the chance to tell a story together. Let’s make something special!

Let’s go to the movies!
Our goal is to show DREAMER in cinemas - not just in german-speaking countries, but on an international scale. A project like ours knows no borders.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

Our entire team is passionate about DREAMER, and they all work for free. We are, however, still human, which means we need to eat. Apart from catering, there’s also the costs of equipment, locations, props, costumes, which we need to pay for. The higher the budget we have, the higher the overall quality of DREAMER.

First Goal - 5.000€
We own a lot of the equipment we need to make a movie. We still need to take care of catering and pay for locations, which is what this would pay for.

Second Goal - 18.000€
A lot of work goes into creating cohesive science-fiction. We need suitable locations, futuristic costumes, modern props and, of course, good equipment. With our second goal we can pay for all this, and make the movie that’s in our heads, and that you deserve. No compromises.

Who are the people behind the project?

At the core of this project are the four aspiring filmmakers of Attic Filmproductions. We met working on a short film in 2016, and since this went quite well, we continued to make movies as a team. To give ourselves a more professional environment, we founded a production company called Attic Filmproductions. Attic Filmproductions isn’t a huge company with tons of money, but merely a group of creative people with a passion for movies. We have already made a fair amount of shorts together, and with DREAMER we want to take the next step - our own Feature Film.

Website & Social Media
Legal notice
Attic Filmproductions GesbR
Elis Zuleger
Preßgasse 18/7
1040 Wien Österreich

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