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DVD Götterdämmerung Voigt/Tate
The first crowdfunding project of Hamburg Symphony Orchestra ever - the recording and DVD production of the concert in February 2012 featuring Deborah Voigt and Jeffrey Tate presenting parts of Wagner's "Götterdämmerung".
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"Siegfried" review on

Alexander Busche
Alexander Busche1 min Lesezeit

"Deborah Voigt gives her first "Siegfried" Brunnhilde at the Met. Voigt has the upper range for the role, if a bit shy on the bottom. Wagner's Brunnhilde, arguably the central character of the Ring, is a complex creation, especially so when viewed over the expanse of the long cycle. Here, Voigt scores the most points in her ability to communicate Brunnhilde's transformation from the once favorite, but now discarded daughter of Wotan into a passionate mortal woman in love with another man."

DVD Götterdämmerung Voigt/Tate

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