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With this campaign we want to realize the first large production of Dzaino bags made out of textile waste. During the last months we worked on new products and improved our logistics for an entirely social and fair production. Now we need your support to extend our production of bags and to upcycle textile waste. We believe in mindful design. Be a part of the change into a fair and transparent fashion industry.
11,434 €
22,000 € Funding goal
12 days


Funding period 30/08/2018 11:50 o'clock - 04/10/2018 23:59 o'clock
Realisation period March 2019
Funding goal 22,000 €
With this amount, we can realise the first large production of bags, made out of textile waste in a fair and sustainable production in Berlin.
2nd Funding goal 40,000 €
With this amount, we can initiate upcycling workshops, hold lectures and develop new fashion items.
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What is this project all about?

We are Dzaino from Berlin. We design bags and accessoires by upcycling textile waste. Our production is local, fair, transparent, social and eco-friendly.

With our crowdfunding campaign we want to

  • realise our first large production of upcycling items in Berlin and reduce textile waste,
  • develop new circular products & upcycling designs,
  • spread the idea of mindful design.

We don’t see waste in textile leftovers, we see resources. We believe in a change into a fair, transparent, and sustainable fashionindustry.

Less is more - our sustainable design and our business structure is based on our values: minimalism, mindfulness, structure and clarity.

Our items are truly local products. We buy our leftover materials from a cooperation with Berliner Stadtmission. Our production takes place at Berlin based workshops for people with disabilities to support them in their job rehabilitation.

All transportation in Berlin is done by bike messengers to reduce CO2 emission.

Redesigning used materials into a clean look is the core concept of Dzaino. We combine traditional patchwork techniques with minimal design aesthetics and create a high-quality product with a modern look.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

We design bags for people who prefer products that are made under fair and sustainble conditions. We don’t like the "oldfashioned eco-look". We love clear lines, minimalism and believe that „less is more“.

Our goals:

  • We want to realise our first production in a bigger scale.
  • We want to reduce textile waste with our bag production.
  • We want to spread the message of mindful design.
  • We want to offer workshops to give inspiration for a sustainable and mindful consumption. In our workshops, we provide information and facts about the fashion industry and create new items out of your old jeans.
  • We want to develop fashion items and fashion items made of textile waste.

Why would you support this project?


  • you support a small sustainable label fighting for a fair and secure fashion industry,
  • you support waste reduction with your pre-order,
  • with your pre-order we can supply the workshops for people with disabilities with new orders and support them in their job rehabilitation,
  • you help us to spread the idea of sustainable fashion and mindful design,
  • Dzaino bags are high quality, functional and well designed,
  • you get the chance to pre-order our new products,
  • your product will arrive right in time for christmas (if you get one of the "Earlybird" bags)

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

With a funded project we can

  • realize our first large production and save textile left overs from beeing trashed ineffectually,
  • develop new circular designs & upcycling products,
  • make our label grow.

If we reach the second goal, we could

  • start developing fashion items & clothing collections
  • hold lectures at schools and universities about mindful consumption and sustainable fashion
  • we can offer upcycling workshops.

Who are the people behind the project?

We are Julia and Hanna, the founders of Dzaino. We love textiles and believe in mindful, minimalistic design.

We met 13 years ago at a fashion university in Hamburg and have eversince been closely connected not only in our shared passion for handcraft and design, but even as friends.

We both studied design at the Hochschule für Künste in Bremen and
after some years working in the creative sector, doing graphic design, fashion, film, photography and management, we started collaborating in 2014. That is when we also started talking about our vision to found an upcycling label with minimal design aesthetics.

Our idea of a sustainable, mindful and minimalistic design label became a real vision, which ist motivating us eversince.

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