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On average each Baby produces about 1 metric ton of diaper waste. But there’s a better way: With our potty you can avoid diapers. It’s designed for the very little ones (0 to ca. 16 months) and is made of eco-friendly material.
4,770 €
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 EasyPisi: The pro-potty
 EasyPisi: The pro-potty
 EasyPisi: The pro-potty
 EasyPisi: The pro-potty
 EasyPisi: The pro-potty

About this project

Funding period 11/6/19 11:33 AM - 12/8/19 11:59 PM
Realisation December 2019 - February 2020
Minimum amount (Start level) 20,000 €

For the production of a mold for spray casting and obtaining eco friendly material.

Category Environment
City München

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What is this project all about?

Not more than 70 percent of babies worldwide use diapers. In many parts of Africa, Asia and South America parents have a way of telling when their babies "have to go". They simply let them relieve themselves above a bowl, above the toilet or in the open countryside. This works already shortly after birth.

More and more parents in our western world rediscover this old technique of natural infant hygiene (aka "elimination communication"). It’s better for the environment, the health and the hygiene of the baby. And it’s even easier than all that diaper changing.

The biggest problem most parents face when placing their infants above a potty: The babies miss and the pee goes somewhere else. That’s why we created a handy and easy to use potty that’s optimized for early use:

  • The "pee-pee-wall" fits between the baby’s legs and avoids any misses and spills.
  • A broad brim helps to support the baby's and the parent’s hands comfortably.
  • With its ergonomic shape the potty stays stable in every position, both standing on a surface and resting in the lap of the parent.
  • We care about the environment. Therefore we produce the potty from recycled plastic only.
What is the project goal and who is the project for?

There are many reasons for avoiding diapers: It’s eco-friendly, saves money and is good for the baby’s skin. And who enjoys cleaning dirty bums anyway?
Our potty is for all parent’s who don’t want to use as many diapers and at the same time don’t want to use just any unwieldy bowl.

Why would you support this project?

We talked to many parents that were looking for a potty just like this: Easy to hold and shaped to avoid spills and misses.

Support our campaign and be among the first to receive the EasyPisi pro-potty!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

This kind of product needs to be fabricated by so called injection molding. Therefore we need a mold, which is rather expensive. If the first funding goal is reached, we can order the mold and start producing. Our priority will be providing all supporters with their thank you gifts as soon as possible, of course.

If the funding goal is not reached, all supporters get their money back.

Who are the people behind the project?

Our team consists of three adults and a baby:

Lena Schels who has always dealt with kids in some way, being a teacher and psychotherapist for infants and adolescents. Since the birth of her son, she’s enthusiastic about everything related to natural baby care.

Ignaz Schels, author, IT-trainer and programmer is always looking for new projects and was bothered by the fact that his kid kept peeing across the bathroom.

Julian Tresowski, product designer with lots of experience in developing new things, was excited by Lena’s and Ignaz’ idea right away.

And last but not least Simon Schels, who is only one year old, but is the one who inspired this project and helped a great deal by testing several different models and prototypes.

Project adjustments

9/1/20 - Nun ist es endlich so weit! Das Töpfchen gibt...

Nun ist es endlich so weit! Das Töpfchen gibt es jetzt hier zu kaufen:

12/8/19 - Wir machen weiter! Auch wenn die Kampagne kein...

Wir machen weiter!
Auch wenn die Kampagne kein Erfolg wird, geben wir nicht auf. Melde dich bei unserem Newsletter an, um benachrichtigt zu werden, sobald es EasyPisi zu kaufen gibt:

Danke an alle Unterstützer, Fans und Freunde, die uns ermutigt haben, dieses Projekt weiterzuverfolgen! Wir finden einen Weg!

11/13/19 - We changed the age limits in the potty's...

We changed the age limits in the potty's description: 0 to ca. 16 months.

The age is not that important though: The potty is small enough for babies but big enough for toddlers, too.

But: EasyPeasy stands steady on its own, but might tip over, if a toddler sits on it with its full weight. Therefore it's best when holding the kid above the potty.

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EasyPisi: The pro-potty

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