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Projekte / Fashion
Let's take a great leap forward together with the ECO⁴Sneaker! This shoe is vegan, handmade in Portugal, certified climate-neutral and made from recycled materials. When you purchase this shoe, you can save around ⅔ in CO2 emissions and a great deal of animal suffering, as well as giving materials designated as waste an extended lifespan. And despite all this, you don't need to compromise on design, quality and comfort. Now, to produce these shoes, we need your help!
67,006 €
100,000 € 2nd Funding goal
Project successful
 ECO⁴Sneaker - #walkingwithoutfootprints
 ECO⁴Sneaker - #walkingwithoutfootprints
 ECO⁴Sneaker - #walkingwithoutfootprints
 ECO⁴Sneaker - #walkingwithoutfootprints


Funding period 2/3/19 10:27 AM o'clock - 3/17/19 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period June 2019
Funding goal reached 15,000 €

Mit dem Erreichen der ersten Fundingschwelle können wir den Schuh in Produktion geben.

2nd Funding goal 100,000 €

Die zweite Fundingschwelle ermöglicht es uns, individualisierte Schnürsenkel mit einer Endkappe aus recyceltem Metall produzieren zu lassen.

Category Fashion
City Helmbrechts
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Bleed Clothing GmbH
Münchberger Str. 42
95233 Helmbrechts Deutschland

USt.Id.: DE263532812
Zuständiges Gericht: Amtsgericht Hof
HRB 4443
Zuständiges Finanzamt: Finanzamt Hof

Geschäftsführer: Dipl.-Des. Michael Spitzbarth



The animal rights organisation PETA has been successfully campaigning for animal rights and a vegan lifestyle for many years. Our collaboration with PETA led to the creation of the "White Rabbit Special Edition" of our ECO⁴Sneaker.

Climate Partner

ClimatePartner is a leading climate protection solutions provider for businesses. The experts at ClimatePartner have analysed our shoe and, on the basis of this, developed a system that allows our trainers to be climate-neutral!

Kristoffer Schwetje | Sustainable Photography

The Berlin photographer Kristoffer Schwetje has accompanied bleed for years. His photo and video productions are sustainable and climate-neutral. The aesthetic identity of the ECO⁴Sneaker is also due to his work.

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