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When thousands of Bangladeshi workers who make our clothes under inhumane conditions are being fired, persecuted by the police and brought to court based on false and arbitrary allegations, just because they demand a higher minimum wage, we all must and actually can do something! Support the victimized workers by buying fairly and co-operatively sewed solidarity t-shirts. All surpluses go directly to Bangladesh and will be used for covering lawyer and court costs. Join in and take a stand!
22,081 €
15,000 € 2nd Funding goal
Project successful
 No Victims For Fashion!
 No Victims For Fashion!
 No Victims For Fashion!


Funding period 4/21/19 8:31 PM o'clock - 6/4/19 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period Summer 2019
Funding goal 9,000 €

The first funding goal means a support of the garment workers in form of approximately 300 shirt orders.

2nd Funding goal 15,000 €

The second funding goal means a support of the garment workers in form of approximately 500 shirt orders.

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The NGWF is a Bangladeshi labour union for garment workers, in which more than 50,000 women are organized. Its members are particularly strongly affected by the recent and ongoing attacks on workers.

taz, die tageszeitung

The taz is a co-operatively organised German newspaper whose independency is guaranteed by more than 18,000 members. The taz supports the campaign with an exclusive t-shirt design.

Rainbow Collective

Rainbow Collective is a unique production company, formed as a social enterprise and committed to raising awareness on issues of human rights through powerful cinematic documentaries such as "Udita".

Be a Moviemento Hero
Movie / Video
Be a Moviemento Hero
Together, we can save the oldest cinema in Germany.
123,317 € (123%) 20 days
Die Happy
Die Happy
Neues Album "Guess What" am 10.04.2020
16,266 € (163%) 3 days
FAIR unverpackt
FAIR unverpackt
"FAIR unverpackt" in Berlin Charlottenburg/Wilmersdorf. Erlebe ein für alle faires, nachhaltiges Einkaufserlebnis ohne Plastik und Umverpackung.
25,746 € (103%) 3 days
Finding Tengelmann
Movie / Video
Finding Tengelmann
April 2018: Karl-Erivan Haub, Geschäftsführer der Gruppe Tengelmann, begibt sich auf eine Skitour und verschwindet spurlos. Wir wollen ihn finden!
4,868 € (162%) 3 days