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Natural ingredients, no sugar, no plastic. Our formula for FOREST GUM is as simple as that. We do not use artificial flavours, chemical additives and, most notably, plastic as gum base. Instead, FOREST GUM is all about the sap of the chicle tree. It grows in the tropics of Central America and will be preserved in the long term thanks to the traditional and sustainable cultivation by our local partner cooperatives. FOREST GUM. Do good, chew good.
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Funding period 7/11/19 9:22 AM - 8/28/19 11:59 PM
Realisation Herbst 2019 / Frühjahr 2020
Start level 20,000 €
Category Food
City Köln

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What is this project all about?

Ever chewed on plastic? Certainly. There’s plastic at the bottom of almost every conventional chewing gum. Marked on the packaging by the vague term "gum base", yet it is and remains the same raw material as plastic bottles or tyres. And they need centuries to rot, as we all know. On the whole, not quite yummy.

That's why we went the extra mile looking for a good alternative, we traveled around the world, cooked, experimented, and finally have developed a simple formula: super refreshing taste, natural ingredients, zero sugar. We do this without artificial flavours, chemical additives, and, above all, without plastic as gum base.

FOREST GUM launches a sugar-free natural chewing gum in mint flavour – number one taste for fresh breath. More exciting flavours are to follow.

The gum base of FOREST GUM is obtained from chicle tree sap. It grows in the tropics of Central America and will be preserved in the long term thanks to the traditional and sustainable cultivation by our local partner cooperatives.

Together we are taking action to protect the forests and to improve living conditions for the local families due to fair and direct cooperation with the cooperatives.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our mission: to shake up the chewing gum market being the better alternative to chewing gum with plastic.

We consider the receipt as a ballot. Whether it's water, soda, chocolate, or chewing gum: every purchase decision has an impact. That’s why it is important to us to address a broad target group. Organic products, sustainability, and no plastic are no longer niche topics. They belong to the center of society, are relevant for all everyday products and then also for the chewing gum shelf. FOREST GUM is a mainstream product that is fair to people and nature.

Of course, FOREST GUM will be available in supermarkets, at kiosks and petrol stations. But it also shows up in the university canteen, in clubs and cafés, yoga or fitness studios. As cultural asset in miniature format, it puts the good old chewing gum vending machine back on the map, provides fresh breath at festivals, and stands for a sustainable lifestyle at the same time.

FOREST GUM is delicious, authentic, fun and deliberately breaks out of the ordinary – in terms of packaging, statement, and taste.

Why would you support this project?

May we introduce ourselves? A small team with a big idea. FOREST GUM is still in the starting blocks – our natural chewing gum will be launched in Germany this year. For which we need your lovely support!

What’s in it for you?

- No more chewing on plastic.
- Help to spread less plastic waste, which ends up as micro plastic in the environment.
- Preserve the forest as CO2 store and elementary part of climate protection.
- Support the people in the harvest areas by purchasing chicle.

Would you like to make the difference? Welcome to the FOREST GUM family.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

From the idea and countless experiments finally to a capable producer who stands behind our mission from the bottom of his heart – FOREST GUM has already taken the first steps. But it only goes on with your help:

Get one of our thank you packages and support us to order raw materials, develop eco-friendly packaging and commission the first production. In short: Help us to bring FOREST GUM to life.

Become part of FOREST GUM history. Or simply: Do good, chew good.

Who are the people behind the project?

FOREST GUM is an idea by Thomas Krämer, which he now turns into action. Thomas is a great forest fan – probably because he spent a lot of time there in his early years. Or because of his studies at the forestry faculty of the TU Munich. Or simply because he cares about the preservation of our unique planet – and the protection of the forests as CO2 stores is the most effective way to achieve this. In addition to his nature love he also wishes to improve fair cooperation. Even and especially in the world of business. In the past years, Thomas has already experienced that this is possible: First as a member of the Viva con Agua community, then as managing director of Lemonaid, a fair lemonade from Hamburg Sankt Pauli. With FOREST GUM the journey continues.

There almost from the beginning: Maren Haverkamp. She gives the brand FOREST GUM a face – with great ideas, creativity, and attention to detail. After several years in renowned agencies Maren has already successfully worked on ideas and concepts for a better world as a brand manager at Lemonaid.

A great team!

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