Organized by season, with a corresponding photo as inspiration for every recipe, Grow to Gather provides appealing recipes and ideas for everyday use. This book not only gives us delicious meals to sustain our bodies, but also teaches us the best foods to cook, when to use them, and why. Throughout all four seasons, cooking and photographing in real-time during the year 2020, I will explore the different growing seasons, harvesting and shopping in accordance with what mother earth has to offer.
10,407 €
15,000 € 2nd funding goal

GROW TO GATHER - Project Successful !

Andrea Senyk
Andrea Senyk1 min Lesezeit

Dear Family, Clients, and Friends,
New & Old !

40 Days have passed, and
Crowdfunding Campaign was successful!

10, 407 Euros were raised,
from 103 supporters,
in 8 countries.

I am speechless and so so thankful to you all.

To those of you that I know well,
and to those I have never met!

You have made my cookbook dream a reality, and man does it feel good. Yesterday evening I drank some bubbly, and gave myself a manicure and pedicure. And today I will get to work on writing many many emails and thank you messages to all of you that have contributed and supported me toward this goal.

Please stay tuned for news and updates as this project unfolds!
I will be informing you regularly here through the Start Next Platform, as well as on my social media channels, Facebook and Instagram. So you can stay updated as I progress throughout the seasons writing, cooking and photographing content for this book.

I wish you all a wonderful May Monday ,
and send you warm virtual hugs to wherever you may be.

With endless gratitude,

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