While the price of a cup of coffee in Europe has been steadily increasing over time, the price farming families sell at often cannot even cover their costs. Why? Most of the profit stays in the middlemen’s hands. In HILO we aim to change this by providing an alternative system to conventional coffee trade. We are weaving a thread by connecting you with Colombian coffee farmers in order to guarantee a stable income for their families and social actors to help heal communities. Join the weave!
10,877 €
10,000 € 2nd funding goal
Project successful
 Hilo | Coffee´s common thread
 Hilo | Coffee´s common thread
 Hilo | Coffee´s common thread
 Hilo | Coffee´s common thread
 Hilo | Coffee´s common thread

Ueber unser Projekt

Funding period 11/2/19 2:24 AM o'clock - 12/2/19 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period Start in 2019
Funding goal 5,000 €

We cover the shipping costs of bringing coffee from Colombia to Germany, fulfill the entire 500 kg/2019 harvest and invest to get more people to join our weave.

2nd funding goal 10,000 €

This amount (+20k investor money) covers 2019 expenses, another 3 months of the system in 2020, better tools to grow the network and symbolic wages in Germany.

Category Food
City Leipzig
Website & Social Media
Legal notice
Hilo Trading
Thomas Marufke
Saarlandstr 10
22303 Hamburg Germany

Steuernummer: 43/154/04490

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