Evolve VR is a new project company composed of 7 partners that implements virtual reality in the field of training and in the context of psychotherapy for the treatment of mental disorders. This tool and technique, have been endorsed and approved by the scientific community with optimal results as an instrument complementary to traditional psychotherapy pathways to tackle certain aspects of psychological distress (phobias, anxiety disorders, food disorders, public speaking, addictions, and more)
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Funding period 7/31/19 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period Go to market within 15 months
Funding goal 75,000 €

We need to complete ERP software for patients medical records.

2nd funding goal 250,000 €

In addition to the VR ERP SW for patient care, we can complete VR video setting and validation on selected protocols

Category Science
City Agno TI
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Evolve VR Sagl
Andrea Pirotta
via mulino della bolla 1
6982 agno Switzerland




Swiss Italian university schools Department of Business Administration, Health and Society

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