Funding phase
As a part of a student project, we publish the third book of the author fakemaggy. The book is filled with around 200 english poems and contains her thoughts and feelings from covid-19 year 2020. Her poetry shows that all feelings are worthy and important and that you should trust yourself.
614 €
Startlevel 1,000 €
Stefanie Hahn
Stefanie Hahn 13 days ago
Sarah Held
Sarah Held 20 days ago
Frederike Bremer
Frederike Bremer 21 days ago
Maximilian Martin
Maximilian Martin 23 days ago
Jessica Hoffmann
Jessica Hoffmann 26 days ago
paulinerroberta 27 days ago
Josefine Bernhofer
Josefine Bernhofer 28 days ago
Ernsr Schmatz
Ernsr Schmatz 28 days ago

About this project

Funding period 9/18/21 6:00 PM - 11/28/21 11:59 PM
Realisation 18.09-31.01
Startlevel 1,000 €
Category Literature
City Leipzig
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