Wir möchten auch 2019 jungen, talentierten Musiker_innen die Möglichkeit geben gemeinsam in unserem Orchester zu musizieren. // In 2019, we would like to give young, talented musicians the opportunity to play together in our orchestra
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Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt / Projektberater
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Heersh Abdulsalam Mohammad, cellist from Iraq

Katharina Bergmann
Katharina Bergmann1 min Lesezeit

Heersh is born in Kirkuk, Irak. After his early musical education he studied cello at the Fine Arts Institute- music department. Now he is student in the final stage at the University of Sulaymaniyah – College of fine arts , Department of Music performance.
During his musical live while he was at the Fine Arts Institute, he co-founded with two of his classmates a Kurdish Trio project (Bass, Cello, and Flute), also could get a place at the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq after a highly competitive proses and participated at Both UK and France concert in 2012-13. Then, he won a scholarship for a cello master class in German with Pr. Matias de Oliveira Pinto and Susanna Pfluger in August 2017.
Heersh is an adventurous artist who will be able to work fluidly across musical styles and genres. Also, as a compassionate, service-minded artist, Heersh with his group makes once a while a benefit concert and many times he played at the cancer hospital for kids despite the financial problems that he faced.

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