Women + Science = Extraordinary!? Do you think that something is wrong with this equation? Do you ask yourself, why most people can’t name a female scientist beyond Marie Curie? ... why female scientists are still met with a raised eyebrow? ... why men have to justify themself if they want to take parental leave? We want to talk about all those questions in public. Not over the heads of, but with the next generation. Join us and become part of I, Scientist 2017!
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Do I want to stay in academia?

Katrin Reininger
Katrin Reininger1 min Lesezeit

Working in academia means acquisition of knowledge, unrestricted thinking, pure research, scientific discussion and improvement, and a lot of freedom. But also temporary contracts, a lot of flexibility, the need of going abroad, and an insecure future planning. Get in contact with our speakers who decided to go their way in the academic research and find out what is needed to do this and what are the pros and cons for this kind of career. Learn from personal experiences of other women and get inspired for your own career!

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