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We, the students of the Department of English Literature & Cultural Studies of the University of Göttingen, are pleased to announce "Immortal Jane"-The Göttingen Jane Austen Bicentenary 2017. We are celebrating Jane Austen’s life, works and how these provoke literary & cultural reactions until today & you can help us to do so. Throughout this semester we have been organising various events, most importantly, the upcoming student conference & the visit of the improv-theatre troupe Austentatious.
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Funding period 6/12/17 7:53 PM o'clock - 7/11/17 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period By June 28, 2017
Funding goal reached 2,500 €
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Project updates


The performance by the British troupe Austentatious was a witty and comical ovation to the life of Austen. Every event - including the game night, Murder Mystery play and guest lectures - was well enjoyed and a unique expression of tribute to the Immortal Jane.

Work on our conference publication is officially underway!

Immortal Jane team.


We, the Immortal Jane organizing team are very happy to announce that our project has been successfully funded via Startnext. It gives us immense pleasure to thank all our contributors for helping us realising the events as we had hoped to. All the events organised were enjoyed by participants and organisers. The Student Conference, on 22nd and 23rd June, acted as an excellent platform for students to present their papers and interact with a vibrant audience and research cohort.


NEWS!!! Wir haben uns nun dazu entschlossen, die Konferenzbeiträge zu veröffentlichen!
Wir bemühen uns die Immortal Jane Veranstaltungen über Fundraising-Aktionen selbst zu finanzieren, dies ist aber aufgrund der Vielzahl der Events nicht durchführbar. Mit Ihrer großzügigen Spende ermöglichen Sie es uns, besonders die beiden teuersten Veranstaltungen zu finanzieren, die Studierendenkonferenz und die Theateraufführung der berühmten britischen Improvisationstruppe „Austentatious“.


Die Aufführung des Improvisationstheaters „Austentatious. The famous British improv troupe“: Reisekosten für die Schauspieler/-innen aus Großbritannien (850,-€), Unterkunft für die 6 Schauspieler/-innen (600,-€), Werbematerialien (150,-€).


Die Studierendenkonferenz: „Jane Austen in a Global Context“: Kosten für Hiwis (200,-€), Flyer und Konferenzmaterialien (100,-€), Speisen und Getränke für den Konferenzempfang und die Kaffeepausen (150,-€).
Posterpräsentationen während der Konferenz: Druckkosten (100,-€).
Kosten Veröffentlichung Konferenzbeiträge (150,-€)
Kosten für Werbematerial aller Veranstaltungen (200,-€).


The improv-theatre performance by “Austentatious: the famous British Improv Troupe”: travel costs from UK and back (850,-€), hotel rooms for 6 people for two nights (600,-€), advertising material (150,-€).


NEWS!!! We have decided to publish the conference papers!
The “Student Conference: Jane Austen in a Global Context”: costs for student assistants (200,-€), conference materials (100,-€), food and drinks for the reception and conference warming (22.06) and coffee breaks (150,-€).
Poster Presentations by students at the conference - printing costs (100,-€)
Costs for the publication of the conference papers (150,-€)
Advertising material for all events (200,-€)

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