Crowdfunding finished
Klabautamann is a metal band from Bonn, Germany that started out as a fun black metal project and transformed into a more proggy and serious direction. The new material on the upcoming album 'numbered' has only hints of the raw black metal past and aims to be a diverse and rich experience, involving a lot of great artists from all over Europe. This campaign is about creating a high end LP version for all our loyal fans, music lovers and collectors that wished for a Klabautamann vinyl release!
4,000 €
Charlott Roth
Charlott Roth Projektberater Congratulations! I'm excited that this project is going to be realized!

The Final Countdown

Tim Steffens
Tim Steffens1 min Lesezeit

Hi there,

thank you very much for your support!

The campaign has made quite a good progress, but there's still a bit missing to make it successful.

You can increase the odds of a success by sharing the link to this campaign ( ) :-)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


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