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STREET LINE – the sequel. Ten years after filming LONELY PACK, we searched and found several of the protagonists. STREET LINE is a portrait of SONU and three other members of the former gang of street children in Kathmandu, Nepal. SONU, then only 11-years old, is now 22 and father of the two years old SONA. We want to accompany him as he strives to cast off the chains of his past, in order to break the cycle of the STREET LINE for the sake of his daughter.
22,448 €
40,000 € 2nd Funding goal
Project successful
4/19/19, 5:46 PM Justin Peach

Seit zwei Tagen in Kathmandu...
...und schon mittendrin! Hier mit Sona im Kindergarten!
Bitte unterstützt weiter den Film und die „Kinder der kleinen Wölfe"! Vielen vielen Dank!!!

Viele Grüße!
Fotos: Seweryn Zelazny