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STREET LINE – the sequel. Ten years after filming LONELY PACK, we searched and found several of the protagonists. STREET LINE is a portrait of SONU and three other members of the former gang of street children in Kathmandu, Nepal. SONU, then only 11-years old, is now 22 and father of the two years old SONA. We want to accompany him as he strives to cast off the chains of his past, in order to break the cycle of the STREET LINE for the sake of his daughter.
22,448 €
40,000 € 2nd Funding goal
Project successful


Funding period 3/29/19 10:08 AM o'clock - 5/31/19 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period April 2019 - November 2019
Funding goal 15,000 €

You can help us to cover our expenses. These include tickets, accommodations, interpreters, filming permits, and fees to local authorities.

2nd Funding goal 40,000 €

All surplus funds will be used to fund the formal education for the CHILDREN OF THE LONELY PACK and support them along their early path of life!

Category Movie / Video
City Mainz
What is this project all about?

STREET LINE - LONELY PACK II is a documentary film about living under poverty, a portrait about love and misery, always in conflict yet with hope for a better future.
We accompany SONU at this most important turning point in his life. SONU has lived on the streets since early childhood and is addicted to various substances. As we found him in February 2019, ten years after we first met him, he had been “clean” for two months and determined to beat his addictions and complete the detoxification program. He is homeless and has no perspective of how he can earn a chance for an honest living. Still, he has hope and a motivating reason: He wants to stay clean, to start a new life and, ultimately, take responsibility for his daughter.
SONA is 2-years old. She was abandoned at age 4-months by her mother. Since then, she has been under the care of her aunt. She does not understand that SONU is not her uncle, but her father. SONU himself had to grow up without parents. He knows that if he fails to turn his life around, his daughter will face the same fate.
We want to tell the full story of SONU and the former LONELY PACK. We want to support SONU, the little SONA, and all the children of the protagonists along their way over the long term! To do this, we need your help!

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

This film is for all people who like honest, authentic, and discreetly personal documentaries.

For the past ten years we never stopped thinking about what has become of the street children of that time. That is why we set out once again in search of SONU. The chances of finding him at all were extraordinarily low. Then, to actually learn that he is alive and has a little daughter was very moving. As parents of two girls, we are strongly motivated to help SONU. We are not trained as street workers or social workers. We are filmmakers and what we can do is tell his stories.

Why would you support this project?

We believe in creative and journalistic freedom in the making of documentary films, films that provide an authentic look at what happens at the edges of world affairs. We make films that use time and trust to broaden people’s horizons by revealing in-depth and insightful views of an unfamiliar world. Our approach is to tell a deeply moving story in moving image sequences without the need for commentary. You can provide us the freedom and help us to complete this work as independent film makers.

We have often wondered over the years how we could help the LONELY PACK. Unfortunately, we had no answer for the street children back then. However, now with your support, we see a chance to save several of the CHILDREN OF THE LONELY PACK from having to endure the same fate as their parents.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

We believe in documentaries that take their time. To re-establish the necessary close and trusting relationship, Justin will return for several months to live in the environment of the protagonists. That is the only way to capture the honest intimacy and authentic images. This is an approach that costs more than time alone.
Funding goal:

For the production of STREET LINE we will contribute six months of our time and the film equipment. With your donations you can help us cover our expenses. These include airline tickets, accommodations, interpreters, filming permits, and fees to local authorities as well as translation and subtitling costs.

Stretch goal:

If our funding effort meets with a generous response that exceeds our expenses, we have committed to using all surplus funds to ensure a long lasting support to SONA and the CHILDREN OF THE LONELY PACK! We have partnered with local professional social workers, addiction counselors, and aid organizations. We will support preparation of an education plan for schooling each child as well as adult education for the families. As part of this holistic approach, we will document the development of the families in a long term film project. The CHILDREN OF THE LONELY PACK project will demonstrate the power of crowdfunding and prove that a small donation from many individuals can make a difference in the lives of the CHILDREN OF THE LONELY PACK.
Any amount you contribute would mean the world to these children, the CHILDREN OF THE LONELY PACK! Thank you!

Who are the people behind the project?

STREET LINE - LONELY PACK II is the next documentary by filmmaking couple Justin Peach and Lisa Engelbach. We have been partners in filmmaking for ten years and are now married and live together with our two daughters in Mainz, Germany.

Our first documentary, LONLEY PACK, has won numerous awards, has appeared internationally at over 50 film festivals, and was nominated for the „Grimmepreis“ in the category Information and Culture in 2011. LONLEY PACK documents events in the life of eleven year old SONU, as he and his gang struggle to survive on the streets of Kathmandu, Nepal.
You can watch the film LONELY PACK in its entirety for free on youtube.

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