The KUBU is a mobile artbus for children and young people. We, the artbus association, want to reach places with our bus where there are still few artistic offers to be found. We offer the space and the opportunity to try out artistically and discover your own potentials and abilities. We are a non-profit association, we can create donation certificates and your donation is therefore tax deductible.
1,447 €
Startlevel 5,000 €
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Ulf Sawatzki
Ulf Sawatzki 10 days ago
Fabio Mahlmann
Fabio Mahlmann 20 days ago
Petra Goy-Beyer
Petra Goy-Beyer 25 days ago
Hans-Jörg Beyer
Hans-Jörg Beyer 25 days ago
Anke Respondek
Anke Respondek 25 days ago
Samantha Moll
Samantha Moll 28 days ago
Tim Rommel
Tim Rommel 29 days ago

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