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L I E B L I N G S M E N S C H E N - Der Film
A chamber comedy/drama about five friends leaving the city behind to find some peace of mind in a country house. But the silence is bringing their dreams and fears that much faster to the surface.
13,069 €
10,000 € Funding goal
Project successful
 L I E B L I N G S M E N S C H E N - Der Film


Funding period 8/18/16 11:28 PM o'clock - 10/3/16 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period Juli - Dezember 2016
Funding goal 10,000 €
Category Movie / Video
City Berlin
What is this project all about?

Darius wants to get back with his ex Jule and invites her to spend the weekend in a remote country house. But things take a bad turn when Jule decides to bring along her two friends, Lili and Anna. Sven, a curious but nosy hitchhiker, soon completes the picture of five young individuals all desperately searching for something. Serenity is soon replaced by distrust and irrational thoughts.

Darius' heart turns colder the more he gets rejected by Jule. Jule on the other side wants to know the secret behind Anna's seemingly perfect relationship with her boyfriend Philip. Lili plays copycat and hits on Darius. And Sven dissects everybody to gain a better understanding of himself. Everybody's grabbing for what is in reach. Despair mingles with affection, love with hate. At the end they're all sharing the same fate.

Everybody needs a „Lieblingsmensch“. Somebody who understands us, somebody we feel sharing a home with. Somebody who makes us feel as though we made all the right decisions. Only the right person can be a „Lieblingsmensch“. But finding this grain of sand in this ocean of possibilities and options - a task that our five friends become desperate to achieve.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Lieblingsmenschen is a movie for everyone, lone wolfs, cinema-goers, party people, heartbreakers, high flyers and naysayers.

We want to hit as many film festivals as possible, win prizes and have the movie end up on the big screen in cinemas.

Why would you support this project?

A bold and mercilessly odd portrait of a generation that touches the heart, literally, and is purely entertaining.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

Thanks to cultural funds and private investors we were able to cover expenses for development, pre-production and production. We wrapped production on August 14th and are very proud of what we were able to achieve with our small hard-working team.

After successful financing we immediately want to jump into post-production - editing, color correction, sound design and mix, music (composer and music rights) and so forth. Once finished, we will hit the festival circuit.

Who are the people behind the project?

Ariane Pochon
Geboren 1984 in Zürich, aber wirklich aufgewachsen im Wald. Wald steht für Natur, Pferde, Hunde, Katzen, Misthaufen. Da schon ein Auge für Nebensächliches. Mit 6 Jahren von den Eltern allein in den Flieger gesteckt - nach Berlin zum Onkel. Erstes liebäugeln mit der Hauptstadt. Seit 2009 lebt sie dort.

Sie besuchte 2004 - 05 die Kunstschule und arbeitete als Fotoassistentin. 2006 - 09 Schauspielschule in Zürich.

Theaterprojekte in der Schweiz und in Berlin, u.a. am Schauspielhaus Zürich (Die Dreigroschenoper), wo sie gleichzeitig als zweite Regieassistentin agierte.

LIEBLINGSMENSCHEN 2007 in ihrem Kopf geboren, begleitet sie bis heute. Keine einzige Sekunde bereut.


Vlady Valentin Oszkiel
Ursprünglich aus Bukarest, hatte aber 1984 als 2-jähriger noch kein Mitspracherecht und wurde von seinen Eltern nach Deutschland "evakuiert" (Ceausescu und so.).

Filmstudium am Columbia College in Chicago. Danach etliche Projekte in ganz USA, u.a. für Philips und Nike. Dabei entstehen die Kurzfilme “Lioness of Lisabi” und “Victims of Gravity”.

Seit 2012 in Berlin, mit gelegentlichen Ausflügen zurück nach LA.

LIEBLINGSMENSCHEN ist Spielfilm-Debüt, Feuertaufe, Rite of Passage, Wunsch, Traum und Freude.


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Ariane Pochon und Vlady Valentin Oszkiel Filmproduktion GbR
Vlady Valentin Oszkiel
Boxhagener Straße, 62
10245 Berlin Deutschland

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