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Projekte / Invention
LifeShift Sterilizer - always sterile operations
With the LifeShift Sterilizer we engineer the fist energy-self-sufficient medicine device which cleans, disinfects and sterilizes surgical instruments using only the power of the sun. This helps 1.4 billion people in Africa and Asia, who don't have access to energy and clean water. To ensure easy and intuitive operation, we must field-test the LifeShift Sterilizer under real conditions. For this we need your help!
28,304 €
20,000 € Funding goal
Project successful
Sponsored by Dein Projekt aus der Region Kassel


Funding period 3/15/16 4:00 PM o'clock - 5/13/16 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period September 2016
Funding goal reached 20,000 €
Category Invention
Ort Kassel
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Legal notice
RSO Shift GmbH
Martin Reh
Universitätsplatz 12
34127 Kassel Deutschland


Dentist for Africa aims to enable the organization of assistance interventions and a qualified dental care by establishing dental clinics.

Tabitha Global Care is an Ugandan aid agency which aims community-baised capacity building in poor regions to give people better life perspectives.

A big thank you to all our sponsors. Without your support we couldn't offer all the great goodies to our supporters. Thanks to: Biohotel Wilhelmshöher Tor Kassel, Deuter, Katadyn & SunnyBAG.

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