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Projekte / Environment
The goal is to open a sanctuary for animals in need, with a permaculture garden, food forest, many new trees & wildflower meadows for insects. In addition the farm will have guest rooms. Sustainability plays a very important role in this project and guests can learn about many positive examples for their everyday lives (low waste, vegan lifestyle local & organic, permaculture, second hand & do-it-yourself, natural products, old household remedies etc.).
23,575 €
25,000 € Funding goal
Sponsored by Krombacher Naturstarter
Cofunding 4,143 €


Funding period 12/13/19 1:37 PM o'clock - 1/31/20 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period 2020 / 2021
Funding goal 25,000 €

25,000€ would help to purchase a property in combination with my equity and to prepare the property accordingly for the animals and guests.

2nd Funding goal 125,000 €

With 125,000€ I could purchase my dream property where many animals and humans would find space. We could start more or less immediately! :)

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Ort Neukirchen
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Christin Schwarz
Berliner Straße 9
34626 Neukirchen Deutschland
Sause - Die Seifenbrause
Sause - Die Seifenbrause
Flüssigseife aus Leitungswasser und Brausetablette, ohne Plastik, weniger CO2 beim Transport, vegan und einfach.
14,100 € (271%) 22 hours
Mate of Steel
Mate of Steel
Die erste Edelstahl-Trinkflasche passend für deinen Sodastream
12,008 € (400%) 5 days