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After 1.5 years of work, we're proud to present our new album. Since it is always great to realize projects in a joint effort, we are starting our crowdfunding with you. You and us, all working towards the completion of the album, together.
3,748 €
3,500 € Funding goal
Project successful
 Nature in the City's 2nd full-length album
 Nature in the City's 2nd full-length album
 Nature in the City's 2nd full-length album
 Nature in the City's 2nd full-length album
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Funding period 3/19/18 4:10 PM o'clock - 4/14/18 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period Release: May 12th, 2018
Funding goal 3,500 €

With the amount collected we can pay for an environmentally friendly production of the CD, the album artwork and the GEMA fees. More information on this below.

Category Music
City Berlin
What is this project all about?

Nature in the City has been around for 4 years. In this time, we've experienced a lot, played a couple hundred shows, wrote a lot of songs and developed them live in front of the audience. For this album we wanted to go a step further and we hope you can hear it. For every song we worked out a special arrangement with many instrumtents, that brings out the essence of the song. Now, we're taking the last step to bring the album to your hands and homes.

You can hear the first single "Alice" here:
iTunes/Apple Music

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

We would like to have the new album 'Time' pressed and printed with a beautiful artwork (illustrated by Isabella Thermes) and a 16 page booklet containing. We like to produce our albums with environmentally friendly processes...Nature in the City style!

If you want to support independent musicians and have been waiting for new Nature in the City songs, you should grab one of the goodies to get started!

Why would you support this project?

Your support allows us to keep making as much music as possible, to continue playing gigs. Show us that you want us to keep going strong.

By supporting us you will get the music straight from us, the artist, personally and with your individual token of appreciation. For example, the album and in addition a raw and uncut unplugged version of the whole album!

Vielen Dank!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

Almost everything has already been accounted for. What is still missing is this:

- Pressing of the physical CD
- Artwork to look really sweet
- The GEMA-fees*

*mechanical licence fees, that have to be payed to performing rights organizations in every country.

Who are the people behind the project?

We are Robin and Johannes and we are the band behind the projects. But we could not have done it alone! Lots of great musicians, engineers, photographers and artists supported us during this project. We would like to mention them and say a big 'thank you to;.

Recording: Jacopo Vannini
Mixing: Luke Sullivan, Lefthanddoes
Mastering: Frédéric Maury, Tomato Sound Factory
Producer: Jacopo Vannini, Kollo Agency
Co-Producer: NITC
Electric Guitar: Derek Ullenboom
Drums on the Bargain: Gioele Pagliaccia
Trumpet: Fritz Mooshammer
Trombone: Berk Schneider
Violin and Viola: Roland Satterwhite
Bongos/Congas: Botho Karger
Mellotron/Synth/Rhodes: Jacopo Vannini
Mellotron/Melodica/Organ/Drum Machine/Piano/synth strings: Luke Sullivan
Album Artwork: Isabella Thermes
Album Design: Nora Luther
Fotos: Thomas Tiefseetaucher <3
Fotos: Nicole Siemers
Linoldruck: Florence Besch
Mgmt (für eine schöne Weile): Kathleen Kinzel

Vielen, vielen Dank!

Project updates


Liebe Unterstützer_innen es bleibt spannend! Wir danken euch vielmals für eure Hilfe. Wir haben gerade 3000€ erreicht. Das sind schon 85% des Ziels! Wenn wir jetzt alle noch mal ein bisschen auf die Tube drücken, es noch mal streuen und allen Bescheid sagen, die Lust auf neue Musik von uns haben und Musik unterstützen wollen, dann ist es geschafft. Vielen, vielen Dank. Es ist schön, das Projekt mit euch umzusetzen!! alles Liebe


Liebe Unterstützer_innen, erstmal ein riesiges Dankeschön an euch für eure Hilfe und Generosität!! Ihr seid die Besten. Ja, wir freuen uns sehr dieses Projekt mit euch angefangen zu haben und es auch zu schaffen. Denn es sieht gut aus. Nach der Hälfte der Zeit ist schon über die Hälfte des Ziels erreicht. Tausend Dank!

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Nature in the City
Robin Sellin
Kopernikusstraße, 15
10245 Berlin - Friedrichshain Deutschland

Nature in the City GbR
Boxhagener Str. 15
10245 Berlin

Robin Sellin und Johannes Heger

Telefon: +49(0)1776493773 (Robin)

Email: [email protected]
Booking: [email protected]

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