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Navigaia Journeys supports and inspires people in transition on their inner and outer journeys. Through holistic trainings, events and inspiration, we want to bring together the topics of individual and responsible travel, personal development, non-formal learning and international understanding. With our first project “Learning through travelling”, we use a travel simulation to encourage young people to find their own path and to widen their horizons.
1,095 €
5,000 € Funding goal


Funding period 10/10/2018 07:49 o'clock - 25/11/2018 23:59 o'clock
Realisation period From January 2019
Funding goal 5,000 €
We can finance 80 days "Learning through travelling" for teens. Also, we can finance needed materials and some basic costs when we found Navigaia Journeys.
2nd Funding goal 10,000 €
We can finance 80 more days of "Learning through travelling", materials, founding costs. We can start our other projects and rent out spaces for workshops, etc.
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What is this project all about?


Navigaia Journeys is a project, that originates from my passion for learning through experience, for getting to know other cultures and individual travelling, for personal development and my own search for my own path. I am pleased to introduce to you Navigaia Journeys.

Through the topic of travelling we want to support, encourage and inspire people, especially those who are in transition phases, to go on their inner journey by offering experienced-based trainings, workshops, events and also online inspiration. We also work on making travelling accessible for more people so that it is not a privilege for only one specific target group of the population. Also we want to inspire people to travel responsible and to go through their daily life with a travel-like mindset. For us, travelling has a potential for deep international understanding and to shape our society positively .

Our first project: “Learning through travelling”
Our experiences in working with socially disadvantaged youngsters have shown us that: The tools used in school to prepare young people for their life after school are not enough. It needs more than the classic career orientation, so that young people can get to know themselves better, their visions, strengths, their own path way and to go more confidently in the next chapter of life. Society doesn't accompany the transition from puberty to adulthood enough even though, we believe, this phase is very important for personal development and the later life. This lack of preparation leads to young adults without self confidence or direction in life. In addition, it is unfair that travelling and abroad experiences are often only available to socially privileged. We want to change that.

Travel means transformation - It is a great analogy for life and learning. Because of these reasons we developed “Learning through travelling”: a training for personal development that simulates travel-like experiences through experiential and non-non formal learning. It encourages the young participants to discover themselves, the world and their own life path.

What we’re planning with Navigaia Journeys for the future:
We think that there aren’t enough offers in the field of individual travelling that focus on personal development, international understanding and responsible travelling.

Therefore, we are planning experienced-based , holistic and non-formal learning trainings and workshops (travel encouragement, travel preparation and trainings for home comers) for the future. Also, our website is becoming a source of inspiration for our topics.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

"Learning through travelling" is an innovative personal development training that we developed especially for (socially disadvantaged) young people in transition (eg. after school). It is a travel simulation in which we do not have to leave the city of the school. Topics such as, "my vision", "my strengths", "curiosity", "challenges", "feelings", "encounters", "other cultures", "calming down and perception", “intuition” can be found on the school "timetable" for a few days. The topics are based on what we learned during travelling and which we find very important for life in general.

As a result, teenagers can strengthen their personality and widen their horizons. This year, we conducted the training with teens from two different schools in Germany - a great success that has shown what "Learning through travelling" can do with young people in only a few days.

Especially for teenagers, who for various reasons have not yet come into contact with the subject of travelling and experiences abroad, this is a great way to get a taste of the world of travelling in a safe setting.

Our methodology:
We want young people to learn holistically - with their mind, hearts and bodies. This is also reflected in our methodological approaches from various (pedagogical) areas:

  • experiential education
  • bodywork
  • dance
  • mindfulness research
  • and theater

These are just a few examples of the diversity through which we create our very special spaces of experience.

Whom we want to reach with Navigaia Journeys in the future:
In the future we want to address above all, people in transition phases and with an interest in individual travelling who are looking for orientation, change, inspiration and their own path.

Why would you support this project?

If you think

... that having topics such as "courage", "new perspectives", etc. on the timetable at school before your graduation, would have helped you to go your own path a bit easier…

... that young people are often insufficiently and not holistically supported in their personal development, especially in the important transition to adulthood ....

... that in addition to the classical career orientation, it needs more to support young people on their way through school …

... that still many young people fall through the grid in our educational system …

... that it is unfair that many socially disadvantaged young people often do not come into contact with abroad experiences and travelling …

... that travelling has a huge educational potential …

... that the topic of responsible individual travelling should receive much more attention ...

THEN … you are just right to support Navigaia Journeys.

With your support, you are helping young people to embark on their personal journey, believe in themselves, discover new things, master life challenges more confidently. You support that more young people come into contact with the topic of travelling and experiences abroad and broaden their horizons. In summary, you would help us to make the vision of Navigaia Journeys come true.

“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” – Saint Augustine

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

With successful funding, we can enable socially disadvantaged students to participate in “Learning through travelling” by supporting schools with low financial resources to participate in our programme through your contribution. In addition, the campaign's success will help the project grow and become better known.

The “Learning through travelling” adventure takes between 3-5 days and is run by two qualified trainers, so that we can work together as intensively as possible with the young people. One day of travel for a student costs around € 50 (for a group of 14 young people).

We reached 5000€:
We can finance around 80 “Learning through travelling” experiences for students and also materials and other costs. Last but not least, we need financial support for ongoing qualitative development and costs that come along with founding a social organization Navigaia Journeys. With your contribution, you give us a very important support to start until we can operate financially independend.

We reached 10000€:
We can once again finance another 80 “Learning through travelling” days for students, and in addition to funding costs, materials, and allowances, we will also begin to bring to life the vision of Navigaia Journeys through our other offers like travel encouragement trainings or our inspirational website. We will be able to afford the costs of workshops and training spaces for our first events.

The more support we receive, the more young people we can reach through our work, and the sooner we can start implementing the other projects of Navigaia Journeys.

Full speed ahead!

Who are the people behind the project?

Despite my good starting conditions, I found it hard to find my own way and to go through life with self-confidence. A very important time for me was working in a school where I could finally unleash my potential. I already had the idea for the project “Learning through travelling” before my long journey through Africa. After returning back to Germany, the idea became more and more concrete, as well as the vision for Navigaia Journeys. For me, traveling is a wonderful way of learning. I know that today I wouldn’t be the person I am if I had not had my various travel experiences. I love to try new things, to think out of the box, to get to know other cultures, to be in nature and to create spaces of experience. When I look back on my life, I learned the most in those moments in which I traveled, I was able to experience, I stepped out of my comfort zone and when I encountered people. It is therefore my big passion to help people to go their own way and to use their personality and their potential for our society. Moreover, I want to create a frame to bring the potential of personal development through travelling as well as responsibility of the individual travelling to a better focus.

Frederike came into my life through a wonderful coincidence, and thus into the project “Learning through travelling”. Together with her, the project became more and more real.

I have been fortunate enough to have always been able to travel a lot. My travel experiences I could collect on different continents taught me and shaped my personality. I regard myself as a citizen of the world and am firmly convinced that things that we experience on inner and outer journeys, strengthen us, inspire us, challenge us and let us grow. In order to better understand these processes, I studied psychology and later intercultural psychology to further specialize in relationships between people of different cultures. Another passion is sailing. Above all, a training as a deckhand on a traditional sailing ship has further fueled my thirst for adventure, my wanderlust, and the desire to travel a long way off the beaten track.

Who is is part of the Navigaia Journeys crew?
Besides Veronika and Frederike, the team of Navigaia Journeys consists of a handful of enthusiastic and international young people, who are all passionate about experiential learning, personal development, intercultural exchange and, of course, individual travelling. Thank you for Julian for your support of “Learning through travelling” at an early stage. Thanks to Albert, Lucas, Christian and Zaklina for their work for Navigaia Journeys. Thanks to Saskia for helping with the crowdfunding campaign. Thank you so much Konstantin Mercks for the great video.

Legal notice
Ideen Hoch Drei e.V.
Veronika Mercks
Görreshof 180
53347 Alfter Germany

Navigaia Journeys is still operated under the leagal sponsorship of the NPO Ideen Hoch Drei e.V.. However, from the end of this year Navigaia Journeys will be an independent social organization.


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