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Nippon Connection Filmfestival
Each spring, for six days, Nippon Connection connects you with all things Japan. For the 14th time we invite you to explore current Japanese cinema: More than 130 short, documentary, animation and feature films await discovery. In many cases directors themselves are on site to present their works. An exciting programme including cultural events and parties enhances the Nippon Connection experience. Despite its size, the festival is staged by a team of 50 volunteers who all work for free.
15,000 €
Sponsored by kulturMut 2013
Cofunding 9,640 €

Video-Doku Nippon Connection Filmfestival 2013 ist online!

Jonathan Kreß
Jonathan Kreß1 min Lesezeit

Kai Schmitz hat das Nippon Connection Filmfestival 2013 mit der Kamera begleitet. Wir freuen uns, seine 15-minütige Dokumentation vorstellen zu können.

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