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By funding this project, I get the opportunity to devote almost four months for writing the first PÄR PLAY book, making this long overdue book a reality! :-) By funding this project, I get the opportunity, four months almost exclusively of writing the first PÄR PLAY book and making this long overdue book can now become a reality! :-)
5,300 €
14,000 € 2nd Funding goal
Project successful


Funding period 7/8/19 5:14 PM o'clock - 7/28/19 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period 08.07.2019-28.07.2019
Funding goal 4,000 €
2nd Funding goal 14,000 €
Category Games
City Lehrensteinsfeld
What is this project all about?

This PÄR PLAY book project is about publishing the descriptions of more than 100 PÄR PLAY exercises and games as e-books over more than 15 years - with descriptions, background information, pictures and video links.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

On the one hand, this book aims to be a help and a reference work for all those who know PÄR PLAY from seminars with Pär Ahlbom or with his pupils.
But this book will also be for people who are not familiar with PÄR PLAY, and who joyful and at the same time seriously delve into the lyrics and out of this play themself and practice. So that it helps them to create a PÄR PLAY atmosphere and to play in it and therefore, to practice and to develop as a human in many ways.

Why would you support this project?

Many people are already waiting for this book. However, I was never able to create out of the written material what I´ve collected over 15 years into a book. Everyone who supports this project contributes to the fact that Pär's games and exercises are finally available as a book with detailed background information. This, can help adults, as well as children and adolescents, all those who are use PÄR PLAY, in practice, create joy moments with very high quality of life for yourself and others.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

With successful funding, I, Dieter Schwartz, will devote four months to writing the PÄR PLAY book. The financing will allow that I do not have to worry about the basic money for this time, which makes this project that I bear in my heart since about 10 years to become a reality.

Who are the people behind the project?

Behind this project I stand, Dieter Schwartz. And of course indirectly also Pär Ahlbom, who showed me all his exercises and practiced and played with me, as well as all "PÄR PLAYers", who played and practiced in Pärs seminars and for 10 years also in my seminars.

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