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Since a strong political and economical crises destabilized the country in 2014, Brasil has found its way back to nationalism and conservatism. Minorities fear for their lives and women - especially black, indigenous and trans women - have to be constantly fighting for basic rights. The film follows closely the lives of female musicians and their work fighting with their music against oppression and inspiring women across Latinamerica to stand up for their rights.
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Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt Projektberater "Magnificent how the power of the crowd became visible here."

The next year

Luiza Quintanilha
Luiza Quintanilha1 min Lesezeit

Dear friends, family and supporters,

Thank you for everyone who is now a part of this project! This week we concluded the "legitimation" of Portraits of Resistance here on Starnext and can now begin to plan our film with the funds!

Sadly, these are complicated times to shoot a documentary film in Brazil. We need now to have patience and wait for it to be safe for everyone in the team and in Brazil, in order to move this project further. This means we might have to wait until the situation in Brasil and in Germany gets better regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

But for now, thank you again to every one of you, for your donation, your patience and your will to make this film with us.

We wish every one of you a good start in 2021!

Stay healthy and safe,
Luiza and the whole film crew