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Georg Tarne

Deutschland / Berlin

Co-Founder & CEO of the soulbottles Water & Beverage GmbH. Co-Founder of the NGO soulwater. Before that, he was self-employed as a trainer for conflict resolution skills. He blogs about Social Change and leading the good life at

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soulbottles & soulwater - plastikfreie Trinkflaschen und Fundraising

soulbottles & soulwater - plastikfreie Trinkflaschen…

The world's cleanest drinking bottle, entirely plastic free and with countless cool designs. Also, innovative fundraising for clean water projects.

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soulbottles 2.0

soulbottles 2.0

New plasticfree products for a green living: soulbottles 1,0l, reuseable coffee-to-go soulcup and a soulsleeve to protect your soulbottle