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Malte Bedürftig

Deutschland / Berlin

Malte founded GoVolunteer in 2015 and has been the head of the NGO since then. Prior to that, he worked for six years as a researcher and consultant in the public and social sector. His research and consulting projects mainly dealt with migration, youth unemployment, and the impact of digital technology. Since 2014, he has led several volunteer-initiatives working on integration efforts in Berlin. Malte saw the huge readiness to help that he witnessed in the spring of 2015 as an opportunity and a challenge to find creative solutions at the same time: He has made it his goal to create a simple starting point for people looking to help where it is needed. With GoVolunteer, he aims to create a new culture of volunteer engagement across Germany.

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Hautfarben | Colors of Our Lives
Social Business

Hautfarben | Colors of Our Lives

SKIN COLOR = PINK? With GoVolunteer’s multicultural pencils, children can finally paint themselves and their friends the way they really look.

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ACTIVE NEWCOMERS | Refugees become volunteers

ACTIVE NEWCOMERS | Refugees become volunteers

We help refugees find volunteering opportunities – they grow by supporting others and contribute to building a tolerant, more inclusive German society