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Miriam Ströher

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Miriam Green has always been searching for peace - both inner and outer. Since sitting at the piano from the age of five, singing boisterously and composing small songs and pieces for piano, she has wandered through many different worlds of a music.

The young musician, who studied oboe at the University of Music and Performing Arts, finished her masters degree in the class of Prof. François Leleux in 2016. Ever since she picked up the oboe as her first instrument, she was combining her classical education with creative songwriting, structure with improvisation, poetry with protest and spirituality with politics.
Nestled into her chamber music arrangements, Miriam sings about personal and often socio-critical topics in a subtle and sensitive way.
Her work as a professional oboist in many different Orchestras and Ensembles is not only an inspiration but also an opportunity to get together with different musicians when it comes to her own songs.

Miriam is an award winner at the Giesinger Cultureprize 2014 in Munich, and at the German Peace-Song-Competition 2015 in Bonn.

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Miriam Green - zweites Album

Miriam Green - zweites Album

Lieder, Oboe und eine ganz große Liebe zur Poesie.
Miriam Green

Miriam Green

My first Album