Crowdfunding finished
The Ent(e) is near: After two months of winter break and a cancelled opening party, Sisyphos is in danger. Our staff, our rent, and all that other stuff still have to be paid, but our income has gone down to zero. Or - as the orcale used to say - in German: Ist der Laden erstmal dicht, sind es all die Enten nicht.
103,243 €

Danke an alle Unterstützer*innen unserer Sofort-Aktion!

Sisyphos Berlin
Sisyphos Berlin1 min Lesezeit

Wow, our emergency moneypool on Paypal has contributed 18.000 € within 10 days to save Sisyphos, THANK YOU! - We are deeply encouraged by your support!

From now on, we will be on Startnext.

To honor all those who have contributed so far, we will build a water fountain on the Sisyphos beach, when we reopen, and dedicate it to our supporters!

We will also be live streaming from Sisyphos on
This weekend SAT 10 P.M. to SUN 7 P.M. nonstop!

We will keep doing our best so we all dance together again soon!

Thank you and stay healthy!
Yours, Sisyphos

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