Crowdfunding finished
Urban Spree is an independent, self-financed cultural place and what makes our curated mix of concerts, exhibitions, bookshop, and Biergarten so unique and beloved is what makes us fragile now. We had to close all our activities as of mid March for the safety of our staff and visitors for an undetermined period of time
7,479 €

Thanks for making it happen!

Urban Spree Pascal Feucher
Urban Spree Pascal Feucher1 min Lesezeit

On behalf of the Urban Spree Team, I would like to heartily thank each of you who donated a bit of time and money to Urban Spree and therefore contribute to keep it alive! We hope to be able to open soon and we'll notify you about the best way to get your goodie! Once again, thank you so much, that means a lot to us and we want to see you soon! Stay well and have a great Sunday!
Liebe Grüsse! Pascal

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