We are SIRPLUS and bring excess food via our supermarkets and online shop back to where it belongs - to the stomach! We've already opened four stores and saved millions of groceries with 100,000 people. Our goal is that many more people all over Germany will be able to save easily and comfortably. Therefore we will develop a Franchise concept, so that interested parties together with us can open their own Rescue Supermarket.
111,441 €
Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt / Projektberater
Applause, applause. Well done, I dance with joy with the project.
 Take food rescue to all of Germany
 Take food rescue to all of Germany
 Take food rescue to all of Germany
 Take food rescue to all of Germany
 Take food rescue to all of Germany

About this project

Funding period 5/23/19 5:34 PM - 8/5/19 11:59 PM
Realisation 2019-2020
Startlevel 75,000 €

We will create an extensive rescue supermarket knowledge library, hire a franchise expert and expand our warehouse and logistics capacity.

Category Social Business
City Berlin
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Raphael Fellmer
Harnackstraße 18
14195 Berlin Deutschland



Allos develops vegetarian and vegan foods for people who enjoy sustainability and know what's good for them! They focus on organic products and have been long time partners of SIRPLUS.


METRO is the largest SIRPLUS partner and allows us to daily rescue food which cannot be saved by the food banks. The METRO Group aims to cut their food waste in half by 2025 internally.

EDEKA Foodservice

EDEKA Foodservice places great importance to responsible and sustainable thinking and trading. SIRPLUS is the perfect partner to help us realize these goals in Kleinmachnow.

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